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Thought I would split these threads now. Just FYI, this grow may not finish. If not, they get planted in the sanctuary behind the house. I have to move in about 60 days and have the room cleared in about 30.

This is unknown Bagseed :)

Room is 3.5' x 3.25' x 6'.
Room is fresh air and exhausted through 4" (4x1" In) (1x4" out) with a box carbon filter on the outside.
Lighting is 20 Soft White CFL's at 2700 or 3000k- Lumens at about 35,000 or so.
Soil is no nute + worm castings and Plan-tone organic mixture and clay.
So far since week 3 nutes have been full Stregth Fox Farms Big Bloom(1tbsp gallon) and Maxicrop liquid seaweed 3tbsp per gallon. I also added 1tbsp per gallon of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice last week.

These have been under LOW night temps to allow another harvest to finish, and keep them small. They are now back up to 78 night and 84 day temps.

Tons of pic (as usual) but the kids up, so just a few here.











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damn boss yet yet another great grow. your useing a mix of soil from your back yard right?


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What is the total height from soil up on the girls?

I think 8-12", I will measure tonight.

damn boss yet yet another great grow. your useing a mix of soil from your back yard right?

No, not anymore. I used the mix I put in the first post.

Thanks everyone, now we meditate for growth speed and an early finish :) hehe

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Your army of CFL's just crack me up... I do love the results though.... Looking good Boss Man...:439:


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Have you considered a cheap hydro setup for the next grow at the new place, Boss?
There are some great hydro rubbermaid containers constructed on this site. Fits right into the poorman's grow attitude.

My next place will be in Orlando, south of there anyway. Gonna try and find a place a bit out of the way to rent for now, till next school year starts.

So I think humidity and heat are gonna be year round issues. A whole new set of things to buy.:bong:


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good luck if youre talking bout orlando Fl. theres been an increase in home op busts lately. not trying to jinx you but just becareful not to slip up with the carbon filter:3:. with that being said we need to chill bro.lol so i can get hands on knowledge of the trade, maybe get high in the process.:439:ya kno, lend a hand on those rough trimming days.:smokin2: girls are looking intresting, almost looking like basil to me:3:


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lol..? man i think its safe to assume youre enjoyigng your bud lately?:3:


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Oh ya Fill! Just cut bushy off the stems and bagged her. Few days and she will be ready to jar. Sativa is in jars now, should be done in 3-4 days, and should be very sweet, we will see. I like good cures, but they are never as big as when I started them... hehe A bud here, a bud there...

!2/12's are looking fine, I think I may have an issue, but I will give em a few days, they just got nutes. Kinda looks like rust...I shoulda bleached the room and ozoned it before putting the girls back in there.
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