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Bottom leaves turning white


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I'm growing an Afghan Kush Ryder (Auto) in a large pot outside here in Bangkok, Thailand.
It's in it's 4th week of growth and it's quite small, this might be due to soil being a bit thick due to clay, so I transplanted it last week to a looser soil. Prior to transplanting it's bottom leaves were yellowing as seen in one photo. And I think the slow growth may be due to the heat too. It's 32 Celsius everyday.

Currently I'm using worm castings to fertilise it but I'm not sure how much this is helping. And I've added 7 earthworms to the soil to help loosen it. I can't find any perlite or vermiculite here.

Should I switch to a chemical fertiliser? But would this harm the earthworms? Any other advice?

The first photo was taken a week ago before transplant.



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Nitrogen deficiency or PH problem. Did you add a lot of pine bark to your mix?


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Sheep manure seems to do the same thing. I'd stuck to bat guano, cow and chicken shit. Worm castings, lupin mulch (or something similar).

I like to see the plants full green to the very tips of the leaves, so very cautious fertilizing is key. Even half mix to start (all purpose through veg) just to keep them healthy but not pushing them too hard.

Just a note:)
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