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Boveda Packs


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One question was asked to me about "Boveda Packs"" (RH packets) asked , when using packets is it necessary to burp the jars daily? I answered that once you do a proper dry (1-7) days, place in jars a add your boveda packs (62 or a 69) these packets help cure the product and bring it to the specific realitive hummity. 62 means a 62% realitive hummity They come in 82,65,69,70 ect. Boveda has their own site for those interested in perfecting your cure.:peace: sorry about spelling


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No need for burping. In fact, burping can only meagerly degrade the Boveda pack, as each time you open your storage vessel you're either adding or removing humidity based upon your ambient environment. With that in mind, it's a pretty good idea to use a smaller Vault (or whatever you choose) as a daily stash holder. In this way you wouldn't be disturbing the big, expensive storage too often.

Longtime Boveda/CVault user and from my perspective they are by wide margin the best short or long term storage solution.


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I use Boveda 62s but I do still leave my jars open for a bit whenever I remember to or when I am transferring buds from the long term storage jars to my daily use containers.

They are great though if you don't have the time or circumstances for regular burping.
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