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Boycott Called For San Franscisco Cannabis Freedom Day

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Axis Of Love calls for Boycott of San Francisco Cannabis Freedom Day because Organizer Rick Watts is giving federal Testimony against Green Guru Ed Rosenthal.

We usually ask where is the love ???? We now demand- Where is the solidarity???

We are Boycotting this event after being told by Rick Watts that he was giving Federal Testimony against Ed Rosenthal, Axis of Love took a vote in its general meeting to boycott the “celebration”

This can be seen as a vote to support Ed. However, it is also a decision to say NO to testifying against one another to the government. This action imperils not only one person’s freedom but also the access to medicine for the sick and the dying, the freedom of each and every grower and patient, each owner and operator and it spits in the eye of everyone who has risked their health, life and well being fighting for safe access to medical cannabis.

We do not do this boycott lightly. We know that our brothers and sisters will be in the park- many of our dispensaries will have bought booths. However, we take this issue very seriously. Some of us have friends and lovers who paid for access with their lives, or who are in prison as we speak.

There is no freedom in turning against one another. There is no freedom in turning one another into a government which has spent billions on a failed drug war which has turned to improving its falling crime statistics on the backs of the sick and dying. Throughout the 1990’s the War on Drugs targeted low-level marijuana offenses – stopping neither the supply nor the demand. It has imprisoned 1 in 5 African American young men though. It has stopped many People with AIDS from getting Cannabis so they can take AIDS cocktails without wasting. Now, in California, despite Proposition 215, the Federal DEA has targeted the OPEN market, medical marijuana dispensaries for prosecution. Our growers are imperiled. Ed Rosenthal was one such grower. A grower who grew for medical purposes

Operating in the open, licensed by the city of Oakland and still , he was arrested. His case has been a series of “vindictive prosecutions” Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > The U.S. Justice Department: Ask About Our Vindictive Prosecutions and still, the Feds find people in his own community willing to turn on him, in order to save their own hides. When such people do this to one person, they imperil the entire community. Axis of Love says this imperils each of our freedom, not just Rosenthal’s. It creates an atmosphere where the safe access to medicine becomes imperiled. We additionally oppose another owner/ operator who has given federal testimony operates a dispensary who can give information on patients he serves and growers he buys from currently Green Aid: Ed's Events.

We have feds who believe that they can destroy solidarity with ease. However, the community is not so easily destroyed by a few individuals. We can turn our backs on them as they turn their backs on us and thus minimize the damage the can do.

We are opposing this event in the name of solidarity. We stand together in this effort.

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Source: San Francisco Independent Media Center
Contact: Axisoflovesf [at] gmail.com
Copyright: 2007 San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center
Website: boycott San Franscisco Cannabis Freedom Day : Indybay
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Re: Boycott San Franscisco Cannabis Freedom Day

This is confusing.. :hmmmm:

So we do not want to attend this event May 5. OK.. but why is Watts giving testimony?

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
if i was near this event i think i would go. but i would ask many questions and spread the word about Rick Watts if its true he is giving testimony. the cause is right and just and bigger than Rick Watts.

i renamed the thread because it looked like we were supporting the boycott, which we aren't. just reporting the story.


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Well, I boycotted. Wanted to go. Saturday was one of those perfect Bay days in the 80s.


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Rats should be treated like rats and deserve the karma that befalls them.

I used Ed's book on my very first grow many years ago and I learned not only about cannabis cultivation, but cultivation in general. Bless him and good fortune to Ed Rosenthal and here's to tearing the feds a new ass.



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Interestingly enough I was talking to one of the better MCD owners in SF today about just this topic.. Rick Watts and the SF Cannabis Freedom Day.

The main point of the conversation was that he is fucking nuts.. a wacko.. and a snitch. The owner told me there where guys (not affiliated with any MCD) selling pounds at this affair at the SF Civic Center.. he expects the DEA to visit the event next years.

The MCD owner said, "The biggest threat to Cannabis Freedom in SF is Rick Watts".

Ed Rosenthal spent the day in NYC.

:3: :peace:
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