Brah's 5 Gallon Hempy, Melon Fizz, Mars Hydro TSW 2000, Grow Journal

Hello and welcome to Brah's first 420magazine grow journal. We'll be growing 1 Melon Fizz in a 5 gallon Hempy, hoping to fill out a 3x4 SCROG. Let's get down to business.



Strain - Melon Fizz
Bucket Size - 5 gallon
Medium - 100% perlite
Lights - Mars Hydro TSW-2000, non-sponsor 240 watt blurple, non-sponsor 100 watt quantum. About 640 total watts of LED.
Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients Grow, Sensi bloom, hydroguard, I've got some other stuff laying around we may use.
Tent - 4x6x7 with divider (4x4 and 2x4 sections).
Air - ACinfinity 6" in and out (carbon filter on both), 3 small and 1 large fan.

We'll be using the divider to isolate the top shelf on the 2x4 side for timers/power distribution/nutrients/etc. We want to be able to access these when the lights are off without disturbing our plant.

Power and Storage compartment.
Power Food.jpg

That covers our setup. Up next: Soak the Seed!
Take a jar, this was an old stash jar and still has some residue in it. Fill it with water and drop your seed in there.


Then put the Jar in a warm dark place and wait 24 hours.

Heat Mat.jpg

24 hours later the seed is starting to sprout: lets prepare our starter hempy container (a fiji water bottle with the top cut off and a hole punched about 2 inches up from the bottom. Wrapped in tin foil and white electrical tape).

Soak and Plant.png

We mix up 1 gallon of solution with a little less and recommended seedling doses of GROW and HYDROGUARD. PH to yellow. Then pour the solution into our hempy while plugging the hole. Let soak for a minute or so then drain and repeat until the whole gallon is flushed through the media. Then poke a dent in the perlite and place the seedling in pointy side up. Cover the seedling.

Get REady.jpg

Don't forget to take lots of smoke breaks... for safety.

We move the starter hempy into the tent. Start up our blurple on veg, and set the temp controller to around 81. Cover with a cut off piece of a water bottle, and keep moist spraying with ph reverse osmosis water every now and then.

Lid and veg light on..jpg

and 24 Hours later we have a tiny plant! Day 1, August 3rd 2021.

tent and temp.jpg
Day 2 update: Not much to report. At this stage I'm just nursing the baby plant. It's very dry here now, so I need to remember to mist under the 'dome' a few times a day. I'll probably leave the dome on for 1 week and then take it off and start acclimating the plant to the Mars Hydro.

While we wait, perhaps I can ask some of the resident Hempy experts to come along the ride? It's been a LONG time since I grew hempy and I can use all the help I can get! @Rickle Piiiiick, maybe you could use your portal gun to check in on us every once in a while? @FelipeBlu your hempys look epic, I would be honored to have your help on this journey. @Raventokes looks like we're both starting some hempy seeds at about the same time, wanna kick it and share war stories? Anyone else feel free to jump in and share ideas, stories, whatava! Stay safe out there and smoke one for me.

Day 2.jpg
Almost forgot! Here's the breeder info on Melon Fizz:
Melon Fizz Feminized Seeds are one of Archive Seedbanks latest strains in the Moonbow Collection. A cross of the very popular strain known as Melonade from Terphogz as well as Moonbow #75. Most likely the most sough after strain in this latest release. Expect an average flower period just 56 to 63 days as well as yields of up to 500g/m2. A great performance both indoors and outside combined with an overwhelming strong terpene profile and high THC production. This is yet another excellent feminized addition to Archive Seedbanks 2020 Range.
drain and repeat until the whole gallon is flushed through the media.
Hola Braddah! Thanks for the invite! Let’s rock this hempy style!

First, the above (having trouble getting quotes where I want them) isn’t really necessary. Perlite has very little (neglible) water retention - it’s just great at wicking. Just put some plain tap water in the rez until you see the first true leaves. Then you can give a weak dose.

Congrats on the new baby!
Day 3 Update: We've started calling this little plant Anita. She looked uncomfortable under the blurple / moisture dome combo. Poor little Anita was bent over sideways, and her cotyledons were folded in half. I've removed the dome and switched to the 100 watt quantum board and she seems to be feeling better already. I'll keep a close eye on her throughout the day today and make adjustments as needed.

Day 3.jpg
I’ve never used moisture domes and I live where it can be <10% RH in the summer.
Maybe the perlite wicks up and then evaporates into the plant’s airspace.
I think a dome keeps too much moisture around the little tender stem. That is no bueno and can cause damp off - even in perlite.
excited to see how this turns out. I have 4 melon fizz about to be flipped on sunday! so far they smell amazing and are growing thick and lush.
Nice! I haven't been able to find many reports on this strain, excited to hear how yours turn out.
Day 4 update: Little Anita is growing slow and steady. The Fiji bottle is a bit taller than a solo cup, so I imagine it will be a few days before her roots reach the reservoir and growth takes off. She's starting to stretch out a bit so I turned on a few of the fans and lowered the light 1'. Never to early to start building strong stems.

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