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420 Staff
Ok guys and gals, the moment we've all been waiting for. Please let us know what you love, what you hate, what works and what doesn't. One of our 3 developers went MIA, so I might be alone here for a while replying to you guys, so please be courteous and patient. Please keep in mind that we are not anywhere close to being done tweaking, we just couldn't stand making you wait any longer. Before you create a revolution against us and/or jump ship, remember some things not working now might be working within a day or two.

We ask that you please leave all social chit chat and joking around out of this thread, so we can stay focused on getting things done for you guys. Thank you.

Let's begin the process, what's going on guys?
Goin good.

Took some getting used to but figured everything out for the most part. Pics seem to load faster and there are some extra features (like the alert at the top of the page) that is really nice.

I notice that some peoples avatar image have become pixilated.

I also miss the "thank you" button that was next to the "like' button.

There does not seem to be much variety in the emojis as there used to.

I selected undecided because I don't absolutely love it.... but I think I will get used to it just fine.


Thanks 420!
Hey guys! Great work :). I’d really like to be able to see mine and others signatures on mobile version! That’s all that’s bugging me. I can edit it and look at it in settings but I don’t see them on posts. Anywho, keep it green!

Edit: pictures! Why are they so hard to post? I’d like one click to my phone gallery and post like it used to be.
I'm not going to vote, at least at this time. It seems to be lacking that competent simplicity, and I no longer pick (new) things up without even thinking about the (brain) process like I was able to when I was younger. But this is only a few hours into a new setup, so there will be some issues - both on your side and, in terms of learning/knowing, on mine. Plus, you're missing 1/3 of your developer team (I hope he survived the car accident or whatever tragedy must have occurred that prevented him from observing and helping with the "product release day"), which probably feels much like trying to drive an automobile that's missing one of its wheels must.

One question, though: Some forums and other websites have a "mobile" version that is great for use on simpler devices (or by simpler 'Souls ;) ). Is there likely to be one of those for 420 Magazine that we can use as an alternate? Maybe something with just sections, threads, posts, and a User CP?

I also miss the "thank you" button that was next to the "like' button.

+1. The two are different things, and have different applications (IMHO). I "thank" posts when someone has responded to me directly, often with useful information. I "like" posts when... well, when I like them, lol; these posts may have added nothing to my personal knowledge base, and/or may not have addressed me in any way.
Me with my rosey-tinted glasses, you know I'm going to love it. Lol! It took me a few to figure the essentials out, but here I am a mere couple hours later and going strong. After a day or two we won't remember what was before. I prefer to look ahead.

The photos fly into the gallery. Yes indeed, I like that feature. The rest appears to be a matter of finding the links.

Which reminds me, I'm having difficulty following my links in the signature. Do I need to redo them? My SweetSue's Threads links will take a bit of time, but it's certainly not undoable.

We all miss our emoticons. Overall, I'm pleased. Got a good laugh at the trophies. Yes, it took me longer than one day to do 100 posts. It takes me just over three days. :rofl:

Thank you all for the hard work you put into this. :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

My habits die hard. Lol!
I've been running down my usual paths and the new navigation really wasn't very hard. Damned smooth transition, folks. :D

But yeah, I miss the old emoticons. Other than that, I think I already found everything I need!
I like the fact that I can "like" private messages. :)
I typically use my phone for browsing the site and loved the speed of the app. Now it's slow, my photo uploads take much longer now, talking like 2-3 minutes each now vs, <10 secs with the app. Maybe I'm doing something wrong though. Still undecided about posting photos into threads has merit but certainly seems like a much longer process vs the app.

I too dislike not being able to see signatures as well as the lack of a thank button and emoticons.

I do like some of the recent media/recent activity changes and that sort of stuff. Being able to stay updated on individual users activity is cool. Maybe I missed that before though.

I was not an overly advanced user before the change but I feel the app served my needs pretty well.
Overall first impressions are that I miss the convince of the app but I see lots of promise in the new setup.
Im totally lost now..liked the site the way it was..o_O

You and me both OS. :confused:

It's Fast though- at least in this mobile mode which I'm so keen to get out of.

Well I will reluctantly download google chrome, when I get time. Thanks Amy.
I like the fact that I can "like" private messages. :)

Frankly, that seems like a BUG. I mean... What's the point if only you will ever see such a thing?

I do like adding the link and being able to type what text I want as I just did without having to edit html.

We could do that before. There was a thing to click on right in the message entry/edit box, looked like a couple of chain links. Kind of like the one that is now showing directly below (for whatever reason?) this message entry box :rolleyes: .

BtW, speaking of adding links... It's kind small, blurry, and faint - so I might be mistaken - but it looks (to me) like your .SIG is a little messed up. Appears to be the address to your grow journal thread, then beside that is the title of your thread.

I'm old and hate new my opinion I will just keep to myself.

It might be more helpful to post your opinion. Seems like more and more old farts are using cannabis these days, even if some of them are only interested in its medicinal benefits - so it is reasonable to assume that we have been and will be seeing more and more old newbie members. Newbie in regards to this forum, but possibly newbie in regards to computers in general, too. And as I typed that, I was reminded of a friend of mine who was 77 or thereabouts when I finally found her an intuitive desktop environment for her laptop. She'd be hopelessly lost - and after a few minutes of frustration, she'd give up and not bother trying again.

Links in Sigs don't work, not going to go thru 30-100 pages of Journals to find my threads, as I also can't find a way to see my threads I have started (again I must be stupid).

Go up to the very top of the page, click on your name, and... <SIGH> pound on your keyboard with both fists in frustration, LMFAO? I already discovered that "Following" has nothing to do with threads that you've subscribed to, created, read, or anything like that. (I think it's one of those (anti-)social media cult gizmos, actually.) Try "Your Content." That reads like it'd have your threads in it, right? Er... NO. DOGGONE IT!!!!!!!!!! Someone told me how to at least find my list of subscribed threads. I should have taken a Sharpie and copied their directions directly onto my laptop's display, I guess. Well, if nothing else, you can probably click on your name (again, at the very top of the page), then when the box of choices pops up, click on your name in that, and-- no, no, NO that doesn't take you to any place you can find your threads, either. WtF?!?

Okay, this ought to still work, because it's a third-party thing: Do you remember the title of your journal thread? IF SO, go to any halfway decent search engine (even Google will work for this), type:
site: "Thread Title"

Wow, that's... I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't just used the Preview function to check. CODE TAGS FINALLY WORK HERE!!! I can finally post a link to a website without having to mangle the thing for it to not be a live link (clickable). Awesome, add that to the positive side of the ledger where the forum software changegrade is concerned (IMHO).

Anyway, replace Thread Title with the actual thread's title, but leave the quotation marks so it searches for that exact phrase instead of any page where those words appear. It might take a few days for search engines to populate with the new links - but I checked to see if the forum was up a couple hours before it actually was (couldn't view much in the way of threads, but the main page and such were in place), it showed like four people online and 600+ "guests," so Google's (et al) web spiders must already have been crawling all over the website. IOW, a (search engine's) site-search might work now.

I can see Reports, but can't see anything else in the back areas (maybe intentional), and no idea how to do anything with anything anyway, so no point in me looking at them.

Maybe they're watching to see if you screw up anything out here in the public areas before they let you loose in the private section. Just kidding, lol (but...).

I’m on iPhone with chrome. Very top right corner. 3 dots. Request desktop site.

I've actually been trying to think of a way to USE the mobile version. Can you check that mobile version to see if its address is different than what we get by default on laptops/desktops (Please!) and, if it is different, post the mobile web address so I can try it out instead of this one? (Thanks!)
I've used several different pieces of forum software, from fully featured to downright crude, and they all had that ability. So I'm assuming that this one has it, too, and for whatever reason (bandwidth? IDK...) it must be manually enabled by the admin. Hopefully, he turns it on, because you and I were probably not the only people who ever used it.

BtW, I mentioned previously either in this thread or the other one that, after posting a reply in a thread, pressing my space bar gave an error pop-up that stated "" - I was

Yes plenty of us use it.. Some use a keyword in their journal such as "Update" then when they want to review what they have done they simply searched it and were given a reverse chronological order of the updates and where able to eliminate chatter.

EDIT: regarding my sig, you probably caught it when I was updating it to the proper path.
Problem: Tables entered in posts by members are not displayed. Instead the BB code for the table is displayed. 420 Staff are aware of this.

Problem: Migrated posts containing 's (as in it's) display this as "it's"

Congratulations on a relatively successful migration. It's amazing that there are so few problems.
Well I thought i was having a tough time uploading pictures before, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out now. Seriously you guys hidden the link in Narnia or something? Sorry I'm just frustrated at how overly complicated its all getting. With the app I just clicked the picture button, select whatever pics I wanted on my phone and boom it was done...Now however I am totally lost .

I admit I'm not the best at technology at all which is why I really liked the app. I have no clue how even find my gallery let alone then upload pics from my phone to it...Please just fix the app 420mag.

I feel kinda bad posting this as I love 420mag and everyone on it and don't want to just complain but this feels like a big step backwards to me.

Maybe I'm just a muppet though and need to learn how to internet...that is very much so a possibility here... I will keep trying to figure it out I guess.
Sorry for the kinda downer post guys....gonna go for a big joint, that should help

Edit: I do like the new clean look the site has and its fast to load, Also I found the gallery but still cant work out uploading pics etc - my whole post was just moaning, its not all bad

2nd Edit: Just noticed Emojis do not show up at all for me when viewing posts through chrome in deaktop view on a phone.
If you are using a Windows device...
Right click on the image(s) you want to upload,
Select `Properties`
Select `Details`
Click on `Remove Properties and Personal Information`
a new box will appear...
You can choose to create a copy with all possible properties removed, or remove selected properties from the file. I tend to select `Remove selected properties from the file,` and select `Select All,` then `OK` and back out.
Thanks a lot dude, I use a phone, sadly dont have access to a real computer/laptop. Still i'll see if I can figure out how to do it.
Thanks for the tip✌
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