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I've been growing medical marijuana for quite some time now at my home in Washington, but now that I have a lot of time on my hands after leaving my job I've decided to start growing more. My arthritis makes gardening a little difficult but smoking helps.

I'm probably the oldest person on this forum but anyone out there use medical marijuana for arthritis and have any tips on gardening with the pain?

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Welcome to 420! :) You might be surprised at the age range around here :) as for arthritis and medication, Im sure you will find all your answer on this great site. Im sure Ive heard of a few people making creams to apply to aches and pains. Try posting question in the frequently asked questions section. Just hit the grow room tab up top and you should see it.


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Hello and welcome to :420: The age range on this site is very vast and so are the reasons for use. Come in and have a seat.
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