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Brandon Green-Lights Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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A proposed marijuana dispensary in Brandon was given the green light by local officials, but neighboring residents are appealing the decision.

The building on Lovers Lane was previously used as a woodworking shop. Rutland County Organics plans to turn the 6,700-square-foot space into a dispensary to serve medical marijuana patients. Although the building has been approved for the new intended use, the decision can be appealed for the next 30 days.

"An interested party would need to submit an appeal to the environmental court within the 30-day appeal period and notify myself, as the Administrative Officer or the Clerk of the DRB. And pay the filing fee for that," said Tina Wiles, the zoning administrator in Brandon.

Based on the phone calls Wiles has received, she says the chance of an appeal is extremely likely.


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Author: Ali Freeman
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