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Break's Over! Let’s Grow Again


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Yes after taking off almost 2 months from growing and just being a giant lazy ass. I finally started my next tent grow, and with a whole bunch of new bells and whistles. Yes, Santa came early for me.

TENT: MarsHydro 5x5 (new)
LIGHTS: MarsHydro SP250, Budget LED Series 3+ Full Spec 500w Quantum Board (new and arriving Dec 22nd)
POTS: 7G Fabric Grow Bags


Chocolate Mint OG -
Humboldt Seed Organization
Pineapple Chunk - Barney’s Farm
Bruce Banger
Lemonchello Haze
Amnesia Lemon Kush -
Garden of Green
Diesel Drift - Heavyweight Seeds
Creamsicle - Copycat Genetics
Moby Dick - Dr. Seeds

So I’m usually an Indica guy or Indica leaning hybrids, but this time I’m going more Sativa for a change. I have a ton from my last grow and that was mostly Indica because of the shorter flowering time outside. I was gifted a plant from a neighbour I’ve helped out with his setup outside/inside. Says it’s a feminized seed of Creamsicle off a site that sells Copycat Genetics at a huge discount. So I guess I shall see how it turns out, it was free. Thought it was time for some changes in variety. This grow is all about changes from the tent, new light, and new desire in smoke. Also coming, is my new AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 exhaust as well. Got a little jealous of my neighbour with his setup with 2 of these exhausts hooked up in his 8x8 tent. Plus it will be handy to have them kick in on its own for humidity/temp control during the warmer months when my freeze dryer is on. So, not much to show now but it’s a start

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DAY 4 Well shit, I already feel like I’m falling behind on updates. Ok so every one of my seeds successfully popped. . . but Pineapple Chunk went nowhere after that, and had to start again. Thankfully 2nd time was a success, and is catching up quickly. Bruce Banger kinda grew weird, as it grew sideways and not upwards. So I let her grow a little bit and added more soil to the cup and straighten her up. The Creamsicle plant I was gifted is looking wilted and sad. I think I’m becoming root bound and I wasn’t a fan of the soil my neighbour gifted the plant in. So hopefully in the next few days I will be up-potting all to their final 7G fabric pots. Gotta clean my riser stands before I throw them in my new tent. Plus I finally purchased some saucers for my pots to spill into, and not just my tent floor. Might also be adding 2 more plants to my grow, as my mom is looking for CBD. So we will be trying this week to get my sister grow tent up for her vegetable garden, but throw in a Dr. SMan 30:1 CBD, and a MK Ultra x Bubblegum 1:1 (16-18% each way) into her tent to grow out in. I guess we shall see if this happens soon. So for now some updated pics










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DAY 9 just a smallish update to report. Finally got my exhaust up, pot risers cleaned up, saucers to collect runoff and everyone into their final 7G pots. Creamsicle was in desperate need of this because she was for sure getting root bound in her little solo cup. Should hopefully see a nice healthy improvement over the coming days. Everyone else also had a solid looking root systems developed, but were a pain in the ass to get out of their cups. Hopefully by next week I can top them and start my training. So far, they are all growing at a nice steady rate in comparison to my last couple tent starts. I really think the added blue lighting on these infinity boards has helped me out nicely. So a few pics












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DAY 13 just another little update. Seems like everyone is doing better with their new 7G pot homes. Creamsicle is recovering very nicely, a little light on colour but still healthier looking. Also looks like my Chocolate Mint OG might be a mutant with its weird growth structure. Looks like a topped it but haven’t done a thing to any of them since seed. Like i said in my last update, hopefully training will start within the coming week. I just need to figure out how to grow Choc Mint and my Creamsicle training wise. I like doing a quadline grow but the Creamsicle is a little big (but might just use some gardening wire) and I gotta see how my mutant grows out over the coming days. I haven’t used any nutrients yet but will probably start in week 4 with Megacrop all the way. Oh, and I started yet another plant. Mom is looking for some CBD and so I started another Dr. SMan CBD (you know, from the Voldemort seed company that shall not be named) Don‘t know if she swill stay in the tent when I head into flowering, but thankfully my sister has her tent up now and shall borrow some room when we get to that point. Also bought more seeds from The Vault and even bought more Sativa plants (or leaning that way) Can’t wait to try Malawi, Crystal METH (Dr. underground) and finally try some Sour Diesel. Anyways, here are a few new pics to share.




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Your setup looks yummy, I hope you'll have a great harvest. I will be following along.


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DAY 22 just a little update. Turns out I am growing 2 freaks at the same time. My Chocolate Mint I have already mentioned being a mutant freak and she’s just getting freakier. My other new discovery was with my Pineapple Chunk which pretty much split/topped itself on its own. I knew it was a couple days behind the other girls in my tent, but was looking bushier then everyone else . . . well minus Choc Mint. Training these girls will be interesting and more than likely a pain in the ass in the coming weeks too come.





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DAY 28 not much really to update, but it’s been a few days. So I guess the big news is that my Dr. SMan was moved into her final 7G pot like everyone else. Because I’m hoping now to flower her along with everyone else in the tent. I’m gonna press my luck and forgo on topping and mainline train her and just LST the hell out of her over the coming 5-6 weeks. My Chocolate Mint OG is just gonna keep slowly but surely grow all freakish. The one limb that I posted above is keeping the same growth pattern but it almost seems stalled in upwards growth. Almost like the growth on the end of the limb has caused it to do its best impersonation of the three stooges trying to enter a doorway. Just nothing getting through and no one wants to let someone pass first. At least her training is looking better on her other limbs. Pineapple Chunk just isn’t stretching right now. I have LST a few limbs but her fan leaves just rapidly regrew and looks like I’m watching a hurricane on the news and seeing it go through an eye-wall replacement. Starts huge, then shrinks down and only to regrow outwards again. Training seems to be going well on the others, but like most grows, I got aggressive and snapped a limb. I did it to my Amnesia Lemon Kush and hopefully she will be my only casualty going forward. Also started using the tiniest amount of Mega Crop with my waterings this week, and will use for all my waterings going forward. So pics of everyone and a few closer looks at my mutants





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DAY 34 and I’m still trying to figure out how the hell im gonna train CM&PC but am seeing areas of possible training. Although CM is pure polyploid on all limbs, and PC is the same on a limb or 2 as well. Some have such a thick leafy top that I think is actually preventing them from progressing/stretching any further. So if nothing grows over the coming days I think I might just top them and hope the little sites that weren’t growing will just take off. Besides that I think my overall progression is looking good. The LST only on my Dr. SMan is slowly showing progress. Hope that is looks good enough that I can flip her to flowering like everyone else after I was thinking 10mweeks of vegging. Some plants look like they won’t need the 10 weeks and will just keep training them until then and maybe get a few more cola tops to grow. So I shall include pics from 2 days ago after the tent got a Mega Crop watering the night before and some more LST was applied. Plus a few up close shots of my mutant Chocolate Mint




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DAY 45 crap it has been a while since an update. well yesterday I gave all my plants a good watering, and upped everyone to a gallon each. I was about half that for previous waterings but they are maturing and almost ready for the flip. Also added some extra Cal/Mag to the feed to see if it will help Creamsicle in the back centre of the group. Although from yesterday pics to today’s, I did see some improvement already. That Chocolate Mint limb which I fimmed last week, actually had split on its own again but still a polyploid for each split limb. I guess it was split beforehand but I had so many leaves stuck so close to each other that it sealed them as a single limb. Anyways just a couple more weeks before the flip, and here is hoping they start stretching upwards and maybe flip after the end of week 9 and not 10 like planned. As my Doctor S plant is looking healthy and constant steady growth. So it might only need another 2.5 weeks because I remember her stretching nicely in flowering last tent grow of her. Anyways, here are today’s updated pics












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DAY 56 I’ll have a bit more time for my plants as we are into the final week of veg. This past Tuesday i was let go from my job because of a injury I sustained On the job, and can’t get back to normal. In some ways I feel relieved cause it was causing me so much stress not knowing where I was going. So I took the Ontario cannabis license exam and passed it today and will be applying at some of my local stores Soon.

Anyways. . . . .

My Dr. SMan is looking real nice and will need to trim her up sometime this week. Almost all my gals were trimmed sometime this week with all my new spare time. Some have started to respond nicely a few days afterwards and some not so much. Also took roughly 8 clippings from Diesel Drift, Lemonchello Haze and Bruce Banger and will attempt to clone for friends and family. Maybe keep one for an outdoor grow, who knows. Still can’t get my Creamsicle to look healthy with her purple stems, but new growth on her looks good and healthy though. Pineapple Chunk still showing a rust like growth on some leaves too but not as bad as previous week. Maybe the trim up of her and her mutations, is allowing a better airflow to help my cause. Starting to get a little antsy to flip but I think the added week for the Dr will benefit in more stretch for a better yield. Plus it will give time for everyone to recover from their trims. So pics as of today












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DAY 63 and today is the final day of veg for my gals. Put a SCROG netting up and reinforced the sides with some extra bungee cords to help with their caving inwardness. I took out my Lux Meter and set things up for flowering and switched my infinity board light spectrum all to their far/deep red spectrum now. Also moved around a few plants in the tent With Creamsicle to the top right corner where Pineapple Chunk was, moved her to the front middle where Lemon Amnesia Kush was and moved her taller structure to where Creamsicle was. Everyone good on where things are? Good! So I got few more inches out of everyone this week and most came last night after their watering. Also took off a bunch of possible clones from Moby, LAK, Lemonchello, Diesel Drift and Bruce Banger. Might try one or 2 for a spring start outside and the rest of the survivors will be going to friends/family. So pics are from before my netting went up and my spectrum on the lights were changed and lowered.




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DAY 70/7 FLOWERING I have reached the end of my first week since the 12/12 switch. Didn’t see much of a stretch for the week until today’s checkin. Maybe 2-3 inches tops in growth from any of the 9 plants in the tent. Also started adding some Epsom Salt to hopefully help clear up my purple stems. A few leaf issues showing in the pics but I have noticed my purple stem plants are responding better after their waterings now. Also started adding the tiniest amount Bud Explosion to my watering mix as well. I have also successfully (so far) cloned 5 Lemonchello Haze and 2 Bruce Banger cuttings, which will be going out this week to friends/neighbours hopefully. So, some issues seem to be looking better this week and hopefully things continue to progress nicely going forward. So here are some updated pics from today to share












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DAY 77/14 FLOWERING first let me say, thanks for the likes and following my grow. I love the attention for my grow, and helps build the growing confidence. Been a pretty good week with a couple resumes in and an interview on the spot at some bud stores and I became and uncle for the third time as well. My girls are looking real good this week, with plant health looking better in everyone. Plus, some of them are finally making their stretch upwards. Lemon Amnesia Kush, Dr. SMan and Moby Dick being the the most prominent of everyone. Plus the white pistols are starting to show up on everyone but no signs yet of them showing frostiness. Made a small swap with Moby Dick getting the better/higher light output of all my plants and Diesel Drift seems to be benefitting from the swap as well. I have my sisters tent with about 20 various clones from this grow. Thinking of keeping a LAK and Moby for an outdoor grown attempt. Also might by the end of the month, borrow my sisters tent and start my next grow. Thinking of ordering a bunch of 3G fabric bags and get the seeds and clones going. I have a few seeds already planned to, with one possibly getting its own tent to grow a monster. some planned right now are Sour Diesel, Crystal METH, Sugar Breath, American Pie and Malawi possibly getting the single tent monster attempt grow. Maybe have enough time and clone SB and CM for outdoor as well. Still have a couple weeks before I come to some final decisions. Anyways, here are my latest pics of my grow from today












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DAY 86/23 FLOWERING ok I’m pretty stoned right now so lets see if I’m Ralph me speak English impossible or just coherent enough. I think my stretch is pretty much done for everyone in the tent and overall, it wasn’t much. I have defoliated all the 6 gals in the front, but can’t get to the ones in the back. They are the stretchiest of all 9 and it’s a lot harder to get to the back of a 5x5 compare to my old 4x4. So they won’t get tall but they should get bushy hopefully. Chocolate mint is also starting to turn purple on me, along with creamsicle. Both are looking real frosty already, with creamsicle really filling in nicely and Choc Mint smelling gassy as hell. Getting closer and closer to them finishing and hopefully getting tent and outside grow going as well. So tent view is from 3 days ago and everything else is from today












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DAY 91/28 FLOWERING finally they are getting frosty for me, but some more than others. My champs right now are Creamsicle and Chocolate Mint. Also have a very strong smelling presence when I open my tent to inspect. Plants seem to be pretty healthy looking with no real issues popping up. Everyone is really starting to stack nicely and can’t wait to see how these go being close to the mid mark possibly for some. As you will see that I also have several plants going purple on me, with Creamsicle even showing some beautiful amber in there too. Chocolate Mint looks like she will become completely purple over time, just like my GDP I did in my first ever grow. So I have lots to share so I think I’ll do this over 2 posts. I’ll do the top plants of the tent first and rest below









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