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This is awsome. Thanks to Profound.. somewhere in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

AAA Seed Co.
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African Seeds
Authentic world famous African seed strains. Refined through centuries of African growing and smoking cultures.

Almighty Seeds
Almighty Seeds was founded from over 25 years of growing experience. Their genetics have been developed for the personal user and have highly valuable medical properties. Instead of creating commercial types of herb, Almighty Seeds focus on the effects desired by true cannabis lovers.

Almighty breeding techniques involve acquiring and improving fine genetics from around the world. At Almighty they only breed the best. Actual sampling of hundreds of strains, labeling and then selecting only the mightiest to carry the ALMIGHTY name is our job!

Cannabis Indica and Sativa strains naturally improve with good breeding. Each year we can improve a strain 3-4 times! With the one crop per month techniques, we can do numerous breeding tests and experiments in one year.

Check out the 8 fabulous strains that Almighty Seeds are currently offering to the public. Enjoy!

BBZZ Seeds
Spanish seeds... Naturally! The first Spanish seed company to be offered by Kind Seed Co. BBZZ produces their stock under 100% organic conditions, the way Nature intended. These varieties have gained favor among Dutch and Spanish growers due to consistent quality and 100% germination.

BCGA Seeds
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Bio Bizz Seeds
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Bio Queen Seeds
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Black Label Seeds
Black Label Seeds is a daughter of High Quality Seeds. Lower prices and still Superior Quality!

Blue Grass Seeds
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BOG Seeds
The Story of BOG
Back in about 1970 we were 16 and trying to grow bag seed outside with little success but we did have some plants and we did smoke some immature weed. I was married at 18 and by age 19 I had my own farm where I grew outdoors. I became successful to a point but genetics were not easily available and I had to do the best I had with what I had. You never really knew what you had but you thought it tasted like what might have been called this or that.

It wasn’t at all scientific but I learned about sense early on so my plants were good pot if they would finish and I developed my own strains. Another friend of mine also had a fine strain we called Blanchard Weed and it rivaled my best now in heavy resins. I had created my own feminized line I called "RED" and it yielded more than his and tasted great but it wasn’t as potent. Eventually I mixed his with mine and grew this cross, mine more Sativaish and his was Indica. Eventually the strain became hermaphroditic due to many generations of inbreeding.

I was online in early '99 and this is when I got access to Seedsdirect and Gypsy. He sent me many genetics and many growers at OG sent me seeds to work with. Getting lucky with a few good strains I made f2 seeds and selected clones. Years of selection led to a very fine bubblegum called Bogbubble and that was crossed later to a NL5 to make Bogglegum. When Lifesaver came out people saw that I was 3 for 3 and they couldn't understand how a small grower did it?

Gypsy still calls me the "Enigma" which means mystery and I prefer to maintain some of the mystery as part of my BOG myth. You know about me living in a cave and great granddaddy being an alien. I am not a myth however and those who have judged me by the fruits of my labors no longer question how I do my work. Now Sour Bubble is going to stun the breeding world. Just mark my words.

Bong Guru Seeds
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British Columbia Seed Co
All seeds produced by The British Columbia Seed Company are the result of our dedicated breeders working constantly to bring you the finest pure strains and hybrids. All our seeds are grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure genetic integrity and seed viability. At BCSC we use only true males and females to make our seeds, never hermaphrodites. Our seeds are periodically tested for proper germination. With experience comes knowledge and consistency.

Cali Kush Seeds
No Info at this time.

Canadian Bred Seeds
Our breeding program selects the fastest flowering, largest producing plants from proven high quality varieties. These seeds have been climatized to flourish in Northern regions and high altitudes

Canadian Genetics
No Info at this time.

Canna Bio Gen
Twenty years of traveling the world in search of the grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the New World to Pakistan, India and Thailand. Meticulous selections from more than one hundred varieties and careful progeny testings have culminated in magnificent examples that bring us the gamut of the sublime. The majority of the varieties we carry are from original landrace stock, cultivated in their respective lands for generations and brought back by ourselves and our friends who have traveled to those far away places in search of cannabis seeds with the purpose of safeguarding them for posterity. We have also hybridized some of these with prime examples of modern indoor drug cultivars to create hybrids of exquisite quality.

Capricorn Seed Company
No Info at this time.

Classic Clone Company
Classic Clone Company is a new and different kind of seed company. As our name implies, we will be focusing on producing S1 (selfed) seeds from those coveted classic clone-only strains that everybody wants but only those who “know” somebody or can afford the outrageous prices that some people are charging for the classic clones will ever get. Our goal is to make every classic clone strain available and affordable to anyone who wants them. All Classic Clone Company strains come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee

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De Sjamaan Seeds
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Dmans Seeds
Dman Seeds strives to breed the finest, highest quality Cannabis strains possible. Dman seeds breeds only from clones of proven parent stock that have the specific traits and qualities looked for. Breeding for extreme potency to alleviate the breeders own Chronic Pain is his main goal. This constant and ongoing search to provide the very best, high quality medicine for himself will likely never end, however he will keep searching. In this search, new Hybrids are constantly being bred and Beta tested. Dman Seeds was created to offer these quality strains, at fair and reasonable prices to medicinal and recreational users alike. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

DNA Genetics
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DJ Shorts Seeds
DJ Short on the Blue Family, "The "Blue Family" of the herbal community originated from crosses of four varieties: Highland Thai, Chocolate Thai, Highland Oaxaca Gold, and Afghan Indica. All were pure P-1 contributing ancestors. Both Thai varieties and the Oaxaca were pure, land-race Sativa's. The seeds were gleaned from the connoisseur's choice herb of the late 1970s/early 1980s directly from their region of origin. The Indica line came one generation removed from its region of origin in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan via the growing community and network in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

The Highland Thai, also known as "Juicy Fruit Thai," produced a maze of many branches in a full, bushy tangle that was quite asymmetric, developing no easily identifiable main stem at
maturity. The Oaxaca Gold was crossed with the Chocolate Thai to produce a plant that became known as "Purple Thai." The Purple Thai had symmetric branching patterns and grew tall with
support. Both the Highland Thai and the Purple Thai were late bloomers, with finishing times that ranged between 10-16 weeks indoors or as late as mid-November outside, and sported at
least minimal hermaphrodites. They each also produced champion herb that had little or no "ceiling" to them; that is, the more one consumed, the higher the experience.

The Purple and Highland Thai became the two female contributors to the Blue Family Females were selected for overall quality of the finished product, including bouquet, flavor and buzz, as well as the lowest incidence of hermaphroditism. The Afghani Indica supplied the male P-1 pollen source. Selection among the Afghani plants was based on stout full structure and strong, musky, "skunkish" odor. The resulting cross grew very uniformly to a medium height producing long, spear-shaped buds. I referred to this fI simply as "the Cross." When two of
these "Cross" plants were bred together, the resulting f2 "Double-Cross" produced an extreme variation in phenotypic expression. It was from these varied Double Cross f2s that the Blue Family members were chosen and stabilized through several generations of selective breeding.

Not really his briefing history but it is his history of breeding the "Blues"

Dr. Atomic
The Dr. made his public debut with Kind Seed over 6 years ago. His incredible varieties are full of color, flavor, smell and lots of THC. Multiple award winning strains and years of experience make Dr. Atomic seeds a favorite of many.

Dr. Chronic Seeds
Dr Chronic produces top quality seeds, and only uses "Organic" Earth and Nutrients, thru-out the entire breeding program. This will guarantee the finished product looks as good as she tastes.

Dr. Fruit
No Info at this time.

Dutch Flowers
No Info at this time.

Dutch Passion Seeds
Thank you for your interest in our highly valued Cannabis Seeds. Dutch Passion has been developing, upgrading, producing and selling Cannabis Seeds since 1987, making us one of the first Dutch Seed Companies. Through the years we have gained a lot of experience in developing, producing, and marketing premium quality Cannabis Seeds. In 1998 Dutch Passion made a major breakthrough in Cannabis Seed Technology, through the development of "Feminized" Cannabis Seeds. Under the right growing conditions these "Feminized Seeds" give rise to only female plants. Also we are the only Cannabis Seed Company that gives THC and CBD percentages of most of our strains in our catalog. In this catalog we offer you most of our Cannabis varieties, "Regular" as well as "Feminized".

Thanks to our customers' satisfaction with our products, Dutch Passion now has a leading position in Europe in the Cannabis Seed Trade. We supply our seeds to over 450 Head-and-Grow shops in Europe. The basis of our success is the genetic control we have over our strains and the constant influx of new genetics that we obtain worldwide. Upgrading our seed stock is our constant concern. In addition to the genetics of our Cannabis Seed varieties, we specially select for the ripeness, size and germination rate (95%) of our seeds.
We do our utmost to supply you now and in the future with premium Cannabis genetics for "Regular" and "Feminized" seeds. Our success is your success, and yours is ours.

Dutch Passion advises all potential customers to check their national laws before placing an order. Dutch Passion does not want to induce anyone to act in conflict with their national law. Dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for those who do.

we sell our seeds in bags of 10 in which the seeds are not visible. Although we are aware of this disadvantage, we have chosen these bags for two reasons:
These bags are made for seed purposes only. The bags contain a special foil that allows the seeds to preserve their germination ability over a long period of time.
The bags are professionally sealed, so you can always be sure that they contain genuine "Dutch Passion" seeds

East Island Seeds
No Info at this time

G13 Collection
No Info at this time.

Federation Seed Company
Dedicated to the breeding and preservation of the highest quality medical cannabis strains that have been passed down from one generation of growers to the next in the British Columbia area since the 60's. Through careful selection of the finest strains from patients "private stock," Federation can guarantee the authenticity as well as the quality of each individual strain.

Female Seeds
Female seeds is the final result from a company that has produced many regular cannabis strains for well-known seed-companies over the past 15 years. This is a process of breeding, crossing, creating, improving and testing lots of strains. Now our company has switched to producing female only seeds. With this, it has become our goal to create female seeds that grow into top quality clones.

Right now our seeds are not quite clone-like yet, but in the mean time we can offer you female seeds that grow for 99.9% into top quality female plants. For each strain we state a stability rate, the higher the rate, the closer to clones,
the lower the rate, the more the plants will vary.
Our seeds give for 99.9% rise to female plants.

Flying Dutchmen, The
One of the few people in the world with a Cannabis history of more than 30 years decided to share his experience and knowledge about breeding the highest quality Cannabis seed varieties.

Thousands and thousands of people must have grown his seeds without knowing they were his, as a wholesaler he provided many seed retailers with his seeds.

Now he has given a new dimension to his life of working with Cannabis by opening the Cannabis College Foundation Amsterdam and his first Flying Dutchmen Seed shop.

During the sixties in Holland, all that was available was hashish, and low grade imported grass. During the early seventies, a small number of Dutch enthusiasts started to grow two Dutch strains, known as ‘The Purple’ and ‘The Green Lemon’ types. These were very large plants with small buds and a very average taste and high. In fact during the Second World War this grass was used as a substitute for tobacco.

Eventually a few seeds made it over from Afghanistan so the Dutch started to work with this new variety.

Suddenly this weird character showed up on the scene from America trying to introduce the Dutch enthusiasts to some new varieties of seeds.

He brought over pure true breeding strains like Early California, Thai, Mexican and Silver Haze from Columbia, Afghan and South African seeds. Most importantly he brought over a few crosses that he had already made himself, including the very first Skunk Number One which is a Columbian, Mexican, Afghan cross. This earned him his present nickname THE SKUNK MAN.

Eddy who worked directly with The Skunk Man was one of the three major players of that time with an interest in superior plants.

The base genetics for almost all the grass that you see in Holland today originates from these three guys work. They were all a little skeptical of The Skunk Man’s bigger and better American ways but Eddy decided to grow out his seeds in greenhouses, using crude methods to simulate day and night cycles and gauge the results for themselves.

In 1984 the first crop was grown out and the results were outstanding, higher yield and better quality, Eddy never looked back.

In order to find ideal genetics (both the male and female) plants were being grown out of seeds, tens of thousands at a time in a green house and the top 50 were selected, then crossed again and grown out thousands at a time, always trying to isolate the best.

Once you have found the best breeding stock by allowing all plants to fully mature (flower).

How do you hold that plant back for future breeding genetics?

There were talks that in America a couple of people had experimented with the concept of cloning.

Eddy chose some mature female flower cuttings and left them under florescent lights in someone’s attic in the hope that they just might take. After 18 weeks only 20% survived, but it was not until a further 6 months had passed that one of the plants ‘sprouted one little leaf’ probably the first successful cloning of flowered cannabis ever.

The moment that little leaf shoot appeared cannabis history changed forever

GN Collection
Gypsy Nirvana started his own brand in 2003 and it has been highly successful.

Good House Seeds
Good house was awarded at the Basque Txapelteka contest, and since 1999 has been steadily improving their award-winning calibre genetics.

Great annaC, The
Well here it is, my debut, my coming out, whatever you want to call it, I finally had to come out of hiding. After years of being a recluse my final decision to become an activist in the Medicinal Cannabis community has mainly stemmed from my own sickness. I will tell you of my sickness not because I am looking for sympathy or pity but because I honestly feel in my heart that Cannabis has been greatly miss-portrayed to the public masses worldwide and it is time to bring about change. Not only a change in the politicians but a change in overall compassion that is in the hearts and souls of All human kind. Who is hurting whom here? What is so wrong with using Cannabis as pain management? Why can't our Governments' get it together and realize that it was put here for a reason. To Help & To Heal. I have Acute Leukemia and have been battling it for 2 years now. I have been in and out of remission more times than carter has liver pills. I have had 21 surgical procedures & 13 Tumor removals from my spinal cord alone since 2001. Along with the Acute Leukemia I picked up a bonus case of staff infection from all the surgeries that have incurred. Along with the Scars from the surgeries came Rheumatoid Arthritis on my spinal cord and a diagnosis of Mar fans' Syndrome and Hepatitis C and partially detached retinas. I think that pretty much qualifies me to be involved with my own pain management. I have been given every prescription know to man and nothing works as good as Cannabis (for me anyway) You can keep the Diluted you can keep the Demerol and Mepergan, you can keep the Oxycotin I don't need them I have all those medications and they are collecting dust in my medicine cabinet. All 6 of my doctors know I am a medical cannabis user and are aware that I use it for pain management. None object!!! Not one, yet if they succumb to our needs then they will loose their license. It's simply not right

Great White North
A very good selection of first to mid Sept finishing and hardy outdoor strains. They are proven winners and have been grown outdoor in Manitoba for many years.

Greenhouse Seeds
Greenhouse is one of the first seed companies to grow marijuana commercially from Holland. In 1986 they began their pedigree-breeding program to develop new seed strains. Greenhouse Seeds aim was to develop stronger different flavored strains to what the market currently offered providing the consumer with a greater variety. Greenhouse Seed Company thought that developing stronger seed strains would also prevent cannabis users from seeking harder drugs by providing a genuine strong cannabis alternative to hard drugs.

The Greenhouse Seed Company breeding program to develop the new strains used new growing methods including using new substrates, climatic controls and new nutrient formulas served to the plants using new methods. The breeding program was a success. The first Green House, coffee shop, Tolstraat, opened soon after and popularity of the seed strains grew as more people sampled the new strains on offer at the shop. Master Kush and Cytral were a big success and Greenhouse was proud to have them represented at the 1st High Times Cannabis Cup. A second Green House coffee shop, Waterlooplein, opened in 1995. The artistic looking shop won the Cannabis Cup for the best looking coffee shop that year. As the Greenhouse Seed Company continued to grow they looked for a partner and a collaboration with a former Sensi Seed breeder led to a third Green House shop in 1997.
"Be afraid, be very afraid, the Great White Shark is on the lookout for those seeking THC overload!"

Great White Shark is one of the many super potent varieties that Green House produced. They won the Cannabis Cup this year with their excellent Super Silver Haze, which took the competition (and the judges!) apart. They've also got their own crystal beauty, White Widow, which produces buds oozing with rich, sticky resin and a THC level best kept secret.

High Quality Standards
Since 1997 these popular Dutch Seeds are well known for their excellent quality and have been cultivated for medical use. New is the range of Black Label Seeds, Superior Quality and Low Pricing!

Homegrown Fantaseeds
Homegrown is a sister company to the very successful Amsterdam Coffee shop, Homegrown Fantasy. Low prices and massively good weed make this collection one of the most popular in recent years.

Hygro Seeds
No Info at this time.

Joey Weed
No Info at this time.

Joint Doctor Seeds
Newly released to the world, this unique variety will dramatically expand
the range of possibilities for aspiring, amateur and professional Cannabis
growers and breeders. Aptly named for its low profile (both literally and
figuratively), Lowryder was developed for extreme rapid growth (8-9 weeks
from seed to bud!

Jordan of the Islands
Based in beautiful B.C., for over a decade Jordan has been working with close to fifty strains, mostly indoor varieties and some outdoor strains. Specializing in the fruitiest, sweetest strains he originally started with: Skunk Number One, Hindu Kush, California Orange and Early Girl. After years of crossing and hybridizing you'll be pleasantly amazed at the quality, flavor and yields.

Juan Moore Seeds
No Info at this time.

KC Brains
KC Brains, based in Holland, has been breeding since 1979. Selections of seeds are marked at unbeatable prices. All varieties will work indoor or outdoor, with special attention given to make sure of a substantial harvest under natural light.

Koala Seeds
Koala Seeds has been a long-term project of an Australian grower and breeder, who we call the Koala.

The Koala wanted to make his lines of specialist cannabis, available to the most people possible. He especially wanted his medical strain, The Barrier Reef, to be available for a very long time, and he wanted it to be of the best possible quality, time and time again. So, a few years ago now, he teamed up with one Europe's largest specialists in the area of cannabis seeds production. Work progressed and expectations were not only met, but also exceeded.
The Koala Seeds Ltd. seed lines could now be made commercially available with the optimum levels of quality observed at every level of the production process.

Koreans Mountain Seeds
Kooteney region of British Columbia has long been known for great pot and these varieties are a nice mix of new and old world strains

Kush Collection
No Info at this time

Krystal Seed Co.
The evolution of seed production is apparent in these selections. Bred to produce 99.9% female "seed clones." These strains have proven themselves winners a thousand times over with discerning cultivators. Very well suited for indoor organic cultivation.

Legends Own Seeds
Legends is proud to introduce the first of many new strains produced in collaboration with Breeder Steve of Spice of Life Seeds.

Magus Genetics
Not everybody succeeds in finding his destination at first go. Many people pass through several jobs before finally discovering – often by chance – that special thing that they like the most and want to do forever. This often applies to people who are active in the field of hemp business; here lateral hires are more rule than exception. There is no special “hemp apprenticeship” that would directly pave the way into the branch, so many people have a different approach, making use of something that they’ve learnt in their former jobs or by self-made education.

Gerrit exactly is that kind of “patchwork guy”. The list of jobs he went through before falling for hemp is long and manifold. Gerrit reports: “I had a shipload of different jobs, varying from working in the flower bulb industry, to being an electrician, maintenance engineer, industrial paint sprayer, grease monkey (car repair moonlighter), steel caster, and bartender/porter, just to name a few.” But he openly admits that he “did not like working for a boss”, “I'm not very good with authorities”, as he puts it. Discovering the drug cannabis should not only lead to the end of his job odyssey, but also serve as an act of deliverance to him: Gerrit managed to turn away from alcohol. While not having been a typical alcoholic, he used to drink a lot quite often, afterwards turning aggressive and erratic. At an early age, Gerrit had smoked cannabis for the first time, but not noticed anything else than nausea. It wasn’t until he became older that he tried it again, however, always in the state of drunkenness so that cannabis would have a sedative, sleepy effect on him every time. Sometimes later, when he had decided to stop boozing, he sensed that “cannabis could do a lot more than just putting me asleep”. Amongst other things, helping him to become laidback and peaceable, ceasing his “jumpy neurotic behavior”, but most important of it all: It supported him in keeping his hands away from alcohol. Hence it’s no surprise that Gerrit says: “Cannabis has enriched my life”.

And that not only mentally. Because with his small, but fine seed collection, Gerrit has been very successful for years already, in addition, he opened a hemp shop in Enkhuizen/NL in July 2002 („Magus Genetics Hemp Store“), which also gains much resonance. But one thing after another. Because the way in which Gerrit attained his seed strains, and how he happened to open a seed bank, is very uncommon. At the beginning of the 90ies, he started home growing, choosing an outdoor location. He used Afghani and Skunk bag seeds that he had selected out of coffee shop weed in 1989. Because he was not familiar with female and male cannabis flowers, he did not realize that the Afghani plants were male and pollinated a female skunk, resulting in a lot of F1 seeds. In the following winter, Gerrit also practiced indoor cultivation, mainly making use of clones that he had bought from a friend. But he also took some seedlings and clones of his own material, both his self-F1 hybrid Skunk/Afghani and once again the supposedly pure, but commercial Skunk bag seeds. He noticed that his own F1 hybrids of Skunk/Afghani clearly were more vigorous than the pure Skunk plants, but could not match them in terms of smell and taste. Because his Skunk seed supply was exhausted, Gerrit decided to hybridize his last female Skunk specimens (he had taken several cuttings of the best plant), with the pollen of some male Skunk/Afghani F1s. The resulting generation proved to be very vigorous and even superior to the Skunk mother in terms of aroma and potency, but did not yield as much as the bought cuttings so that Gerrit kept buying them and only grew a few of his own pedigree in the shaded corners of the room. Until spring 2003, he left it with that, but then suddenly his friend got into troubles and Gerrit was forced to fill out the whole cultivation space with his own hybrids. Thanks to this accident, he realized that the reason why his own hybrids had always yielded lower than the bought cuttings simply was that they had to stand in the shade, far away from the light source. From now on, they received optimum light intensities, what made them yield very well, too, and Gerrit made up his mind to exclusively grow his own genetic material in the future, instead of “being dependent on other people”.

But he also had another incentive to grow his own: Meanwhile he had gotten into contact with the “Bluebird”, one of Amsterdam’s most popular coffee shops, and the Bluebird guys sold Gerrit`s own creation under the name “Warlock”, enthusing a steadily increasing circle of customers that cried for more. And they should get more – Gerrit managed to further improve his hybrid’s yield, by optimizing the growing factors. He did not continue the breeding process and kept on reproducing one single superb mother plant by taking cutting from cutting over years. However, in 1997 he got worried about the germination power of his original hybrid seeds, which were several years old now. He also was afraid that in case of being busted or stolen, his mother plants would disappear forever. So Gerrit decided to make a cut in production and put the whole matter on a more professional basis. He sowed all original seeds that were left, still obtaining a good germination rate. Simultaneously he started reading a lot of botanical and breeding literature, what made him realize that he would need far more growing space in order to get the best out of the genetic potential of his hybrid. So he hired a larger grow room, at the same time letting his seed operation be regularly registered at the local chamber of commerce from January 1998. Between 1997 and 1998, Gerrit worked with 50 different breeding lines that he had created out of 25 female individuals and 2 different males. He made sure to have numerous safety copies of the respective parents and selected the best line for creating Warlock as commercially available seed strain for the first time.

Warlock – this strain proved to be a true lucky punch. It is especially remarkable that a breeder has created something outstanding and unique out of completely regular and commercial strains like Afghani and Skunk. In the following years, Gerrit experimented within the original gene pool what resulted in a new father plant for Warlock. This specimen was also used to create new varieties like Exile (x White Widow/Northern Lights), Starwarz (x Sensi Star), and Double Dutch (x pre-2000 Chronic), while Starwarz is only available as weed at the “Bluebird”, not as seed strain. Gerrit himself prefers Warlock, when it comes to the quality of the high, but recommends the Double Dutch for optimum yields. He says that the 1999 ban on seed production in Holland actually was irrelevant to him, because he used to work in the underground likewise before and after that. He had already decided to move to a slightly smaller grow room at the end of 1998, since the rent had proved to too high for him, as he had not yet started the professional sale of seeds. But also now, he has an adequate facility for ensuring both further development and maintenance of his strains. Double Dutch also became most popular within short, and Gerrit`s latest hit, the outdoor strain “Biddy Early” (Early Pearl/Skunk x Warlock, “but there is way too much Early Pearl influence to call it an outdoor Warlock”, as Gerrit says), surprised everybody. Gerrit is also working on other breeding projects, such as Sensi Star x Warlock, and an exotic sativa strain called “Zamal”. He believes that the seed market will keep on increasing in the future, but also, that the price dumping, as practiced by certain competitors, will get even worse. Gerrit for his part wants to keep his reasonable prices (50-70 Euros for 10 seeds are a fair offer).

He grows his plants on a regular peat-moss/perlite medium, pH 5.8 and EC 0.8 in the beginning. For plants that reach a height of up to 60 cm in the course of their life cycle, he uses 7.5-liter pots, which is sufficient for most of his experimental plants. Night and day temperatures usually amount to 15 resp. 25°C, at an air humidity of approx. 70% during vegetative growth, and about 50% in the flowering stage. For producing seeds for sale, Gerrit uses two male/female plant pairs (identical copies) at different locations, out of safety reasons.

In the summer of 2002, he opened his “Magus Genetics Hemp Store“ in Enkhuizen, offering almost every available hemp product to his customers. Gerrit had the special goal to create an appealing shop ambience, because he “wanted to break up all that common associations concerning hemp like illegality and ominous ness, and to appeal also to non-cannabis smokers, with a nice looking and inviting shop”. And he succeeded in this goal, according to Gerrit, many people come to his shop who are curious about the manifold ways of hemp application and respective products, like textiles, cosmetics, healthy foods or hemp paper. The drug aspects are also frequently discussed thereby, and Gerrit feels happy then about being in a position to give competent advice and education. It was especially important to Gerrit to expand his business in terms of communication and customer contact. But his wife Corinna, his right hand in the company, of course plays the most important role in his life: “She’s the only thing in life that has a greater influence on me than cannabis”, he reveals – what a nice end to this story.

Mandala Seeds
In order to offer friends of marijuana all around the globe a secure source for handpicked cannabis seeds, our varieties fulfill strict criteria with regards to the quality of their development during the growth and flowering stages. To achieve this we use the benefits of so called “hybridizations”. This means that two, preferably very distinct, cannabis strains are crossed with each other to produce a new, unique variety. This new genetic combination produces particularly powerful, high quality plants in the first generation - also known as the F1 generation.

MDanzig Seeds
With 15 years of growing experience, I decided to start breeding exclusively with auto-flowering plants. After reading an article in "Heads" magazine, I was very intrigued with this new small wonder plant aptly named "Lowryder" (bred by The Joint Doctor). After growing Lowryder for several generations, I realized that creating a bigger auto-flowering Hybrid that could easily be grown indoors, or outdoors could be very useful. Obviously auto-flowering plants are not for everyone, however I definitely feel that it has a place in the MJ community. So I’ve been crossing, backcrossing, and inbreeding to try and obtain a more bulldog type Lowryder Hybrid, and by selecting the first to show sex, best looking, and most vigorous plants, I hope to achieve this goal. To date I have done over 20 crosses with Lowryder, and I’m currently working on two Hybrids that will soon be 100% in their properties. In my experience thus far, first generation Lowryder crosses will give at least 25% auto-flowering within the first four weeks. I have had as much as 50%. Here are a couple of the best crosses I have to offer.

Med Canadian Seed Co.
No Info at this time

Mighty Mite Seeds
Mighty Mite is a famous BC indica strain from the Himalayas, cultivated for 12-15 years here. It is uniquely suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation. All Mighty Mite varieties and hybrids feature a dominant main cola that explodes in the 6th to 8th week of flowering.

Mr. Nice
The Mr. Nice seed bank is a collaboration between legendary breeder Shantibaba and Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice. Shantibaba and his breeding partner have worked with famous names like Sensi Seed Bank and the Greenhouse Seed Company in the past and have won more awards and cups than any other breeder. They are responsible for almost all the winning marijuana seeds varieties since 1990 including Nl#5xHaze, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino and White Shark. Needless to say the quality is excellent. All the varieties offered by Mr. Nice Seed bank have been established for a number of years, some names have been changed to avoid infringement of other seed company names. The Seed bank is based in Switzerland and has the state of the art, pollen-proofed rooms at their indoor breeding facilities.

No Info at this time.

Next Generation Seeds
We have been in the seed breeding business since 1997. We have a reputation as being a reliable source of great genetics providing top quality cannabis seeds to the B.C. Marijuana Community and beyond. Continually growing and searching for many of the best strains from the Pacific Northwest and around the world, we select only the best for our breeding program. You can count on us for quality seeds. Happy Harvesting!

Cannabis seeds history of Nirvana goes way back to the end of the 1980's. At that time Nirvana's founder was working at Amsterdam's most famous grow-shop, the legendary "Positronics", and it was the knowledge and inspiration that he received there that moved him to think about starting his own cannabis seeds company. Years were spent traveling, seeking out and collecting marijuana seeds from the finest strains. And more years went in experimentation, growing, cross breeding and developing the new cannabis strains from among which Nirvana selected the best to become their range of high quality hybrid marijuana seeds. After applying and expanding his experience in a number of Amsterdam's best known grow-shops it came time to offer the expertise he had gained, and the high quality products he had developed, to the world. The result of this initiative was the foundation of Nirvana in 1995. Originally a cannabis seed specialist, Nirvana is now an innovative business concept. It has developed into a shop with a unique and original range of self-developed hemp products that extend the uses of this extraordinary plant further than ever before.
While constantly improving and extending its range of high quality cannabis seeds, Nirvana has also developed a range of hemp products that are unique. As the new millennium starts, alongside Nirvana's own Home-brew Hemp Wine and Hemp Beer, there is a choice of original products such as Hemp Vinegar, Hemp Ice Tea and Eva's Paradijs, Hemp Liqueur.

In the heart of the picturesque Pijp, the Nirvana B.V. Headquarter lives up to its name; adding color and serenity to the surrounding streets. Inside, among the holy images and smart shop products, the vibe is mellow and the staff are always pleased to offer advice, suggestions or just hang out. Please feel free to pay us a visit. We will always make you feel welcome.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, Botanicare Ready Grow (Moisture formula), Worm Castings, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Greensand plus, 100% pure Ascophyllum Nodosum Sea Kelp, Dolomite Lime, perlite, vermiculite, Mexican Bat Guano and Jamaican Bat Guano teas, Earth Juice's Grow, Bloom, Meta K, Microblast with Bio-Genesis Synergy and a touch of Molasses, milagro has a sticky reputation.

No Mercy (have read much of this 420 regular... Mr S. Cees)
No Mercy Supply is a dynamic company, concentrated on the Cannabis market. This company is the living dream of a freak, Cees, who has over 32 years of growing experience. He wants to share his experience with every grower. Many people have already understood that female seed in the future will play an important role in the Cannabis scene. Don't stay behind and inform yourself. No Mercy 99% Female Seeds are an exclusive collection of potent strains.

Paradise Seeds
Paradise Seeds - How it all began…
After 12 years of growing, testing and experimenting with many different varieties, Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. About 17 years ago in Amsterdam, many coffee shops started to sell imported hash from India Afghanistan or Morocco and weed from Thailand, Columbia, Mexico or Malawi. Most of this was of poor quality. But things were changing; new types were introduced from the U.S that were early crossbreeds of already higher quality. Since then we got involved in the early research for better quality strains. This took place in Amsterdam and at several outdoor locations in Holland. Our aim was to create better weed, with a sweet/spicy taste and stronger high, for our own use.

This resulted in several new varieties and the seeds were given to a number of people to grow. Due to early pioneers such as ourselves, Dutch cannabis became the best in the world and growing got evermore popular. Also many foreign people realized Dutch cannabis was of the highest quality. They took seeds home, to grow for personal use. At that time our seeds found their way to the people at a local coffee shop in Amsterdam.

The demand increased and what started as research and experiments for personal knowledge and dedication to the Ganja bush had become ‘Paradise Seeds’, a reputable seed bank, for growers that demand only genuine and finest quality seeds.

In 1999 we won the first prize with our famous variety Sensi Star in the Highlife Cup, the biggest, objective contest in Holland, for coffee shops, grow shops and seed banks.

Paradise seeds maintain strict selection criteria on characteristics such as potency and taste. This results in the creation of powerful strains that will satisfy everyone who wants to enjoy the sweetest fruits of the Dutch Garden of Eden. Our seeds are grown organically and tested regularly on viability. We are dealing with living material; therefore we cannot guarantee that all seeds will germinate. One packet contains 10 seeds, and comes with basic information on growing, flowering and harvesting.

Be aware there are several imitations on the market. Feel free to contact us for information where to purchase the original Paradise Seeds. Give us a call while having a spaced out visit to Amsterdam, if you want to take some seeds home!

Due to the excellent quality of our seeds and our dedication to the ganja bush, you can soon proudly present your friends with a master smoke!

Paradise Seeds

A long time West Coast grower offering fast, hardy, big yielding strains. Patchworks strains are developed for growing outdoor in locations North of 40 Degrees Latitude.

Plant Technology
No Info at this time.

Prairie Boy Seeds
Only by breeding vast numbers of strains and hybrids do we find the highest potential that cannabis has to offer. Hello and welcome to Prairie Boys World, I strive to offer the best New World Stability to Old World Genetics that I can find, doing this I have produced many stable strains and a ton of hybrids that I love to share with others. .

Prairie Pride Seeds
Specializing in flavor, Prairie Pride has produced some truly incredible strains perfect for the connoisseur grower. Vancouver locals always appreciate the sweet flavors and amazing stone.

Positronics was one of the first and original marijuana seeds breeders in Holland. In 1985 Positronics was founded with the purpose of making home growing accessible to everyone. We produce our own lamps, seed and fertilizers, and sell everything else needed for biological crop growing. As software we supply an idea and a lifestyle that shows how to commune with marijuana in a useful manner, so that it enriches your life, in a way that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Pukka Seed Company
The Pukka Seed Company ensures that strains bred exclusive to the Pukka Seed Company have been selected by experts who collectively have decades of relevant experience. All seeds were developed and grown in Holland or Switzerland from super mother plants. The Pukka Seed Company seeds are sold in packs of 10.

Quebec Seeds
No Info at this time.

Reeferman Seeds
Offering a fine selection of refined cannabis genetics, our parental stock includes over 100 stabilized, heirloom and pure landrace varieties including Fig Skunk, Oregon Purple Thai, Burmese, Romulan, Grapefruit, Blueberry Sativa, Blueberry Indica, Humboldt Select, Heavy Duty Fruity, Mendocino Madness, Kodiak Gold, Neville's NL5, Acapulco Gold, Bubblegum, Nepalese, Afghani, Lebanese, Turkish, Cambodian, Chinese, Thai, Congolese, Brazilian, Vietnamese, and many more.

Reservoir Seeds
Rez started growing in the late 80's,when I met a guy we'll call K, with a Phototron, a (Neville's) Seed Bank Catalog, and about fifteen sheets of very good blotter.
Soon the scenario was upgraded, to H.I.D. lighting, and I never looked back.
I shared knowledge with a lot of people about what I knew best, which was indica-doms in ebb/flo tables, and we spread a fair amount of Skunk1/Basic5 and Neville's Hash Plant around a certain demographic area to the tune of a million or so, (in 80s bucks), before it all caved in, somewhat due to folks getting sloppy, but mostly because of some nasty LEO ops that would actively HUNT growers, sorta' like Vancouver has, now.
When the SSSC and The Seed Bank closed shop back in the late 80's,I realized right at that point, way back then, that there was a huge IMPORTANCE in keeping the availability of great genetics of a plant that's illegal
So, I selectively bred NL 5x2 f2s, Skunk1/B5 f2s, and some HP crosses, etc.
Sadly, those seeds were lost years ago, off to a landfill as a result of a huge ****up involving misidentification of property.... but I bred my first seeds in 1989,if that dates me, a little.
I've taken years off from growing here and there, but I always kept coming back-it's always the Best when you do it, yourself, imHo.
Anyhow, you know what I've been up to for the past couple of years, so there's no need to elaborate about the Sour Diesel Projects or the William's Wonder Projects, let's just say I'm a busy entity who's totally absorbed by this work, we'll leave it at that.

Sagarmatha Seeds
Sagarmatha Seeds wishes to thank all of her satisfied customers for proliferation of our product and reputation across the globe. A worldwide genetic pool was placed in our care to provide marijuana smokers and growers with fresh, original varieties of marijuana.

After more than 10 years of service we have emerged as a creditable source of connoisseur quality cannabis seeds. Together with your feedback and interest we will continue to provide a variety of delectable treats for the many marijuana farmers of the world. These "magic beans" have given Sagarmatha and friends many hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Every stage of development, from planning, planting to finally providing, has been a tremendous pleasure.

Almost every experience will have peaks and valleys over time - every farmer has their share. We believe Sagarmatha's peaks will give our customers the highest cerebral views and physical sensations possible with marijuana.

Please enjoy our catalogue with a friend. We hope you will be able to partake in some of our potent products. Perhaps with your participation and our plants we can help create some peace for our planet.

Sativa Seed Bank, The
Sativa Seed Bank is a new seed bank founded in cooperation with Nirvana©. The breeders from Nirvana© developed new strains next to the already existing ones, exclusively sold by The Sativa Seed bank. The breeders gained knowledge after 20 years of experimenting, crossing and stabilizing of cannabis seeds. That’s why the quality of the seeds is very high. The Sativa Seedbank is specialized in sativa strains that means that we developed the seeds that will give a plant with the true sativa high.

Secret Valley Seed Co
Deep in the valley hidden far away from any cities, and nosy neighbors, I have created a top secret THC Laboratory. It’s there that I have built the most idyllic garden for my plants to live in. After many years I have decided to open my genetic closet to the world. It’s been like living in a mad scientist’s genetic laboratory, cut off from the outside world. I have created some of the finest, biggest, mouth watering, brain-stomping breeds ever. From my Garden of Eden to yours. I hope you enjoy boasting to your friends on how great your plants turned out.

Seedbank Genetics
Here at Seedbank our primary goal is to provide anybody and everybody with unlimited access to the highest quality Marijuana seeds the world has to offer. We have gone to great lengths to meet face to face with some of the best breeders in the world.
We have compiled all of your favorite strains such as the Original Bubblegum, THSeed’s up lifting S.A.G.E., Almighty Seed’s infamous # 14(a.k.a) LIONHEART!, Sagamartha’s Yumbolt, Soma’s N.Y.C. Diesel, PLUS we have the worlds most aphrodisiacal strain the one and only Santa Maria from No Mercy Supply! (Quote from breeder: “HORNIEST BUD IN THE WORLD!!!”). Not to mention our large variety of FEMALE STRAINS and countless originals you won’t find anywhere else!

Seedsman work in partnership with professional breeders, who have been instrumental in developing Genetics and supplying seeds for the majority of worldwide Cannabis seed banks. These strains have derived from a priceless heritage of 10,000 years of selection and tradition, combined with modern Western breeding techniques.

Sensi Seeds
Ben Dronkers is at the helm of one of Holland's best and most experienced seed houses. He has steered Sensi Seed Bank to the higher echelons of seed technology, producing unique world famous varieties.
Something we feel is unique is the fact that most of our breeding projects are documented online.
Doc was the first person to see what we were doing and give us the chance to go public.I remain very active and am online daily to answer any questions.


THC Laboratories
THC Laboratories is the result of Dutch and Canadian breeders coming together to share knowledge and genetics in pursuit of the finest Medical Cannabis on the planet.

THC Seeds
THC Seeds have been developed in conjunction with top famous Dutch seed breeder Shantibaba and are a relatively new seed range. THC: The Highland Company (unlimited) offer a unique range of seeds with varieties to suit all tastes. Braveheart Highlander Scud Northern Skank, Pure Skank and Hash Plant are premium seeds on offer. 10 seeds per packet.

TH Seeds
Having been around for more than ten years, T.H. Seeds has established itself as one of the most highly regarded seed companies in the world. It has introduced to the world numerous and now infamous cannabis varieties such as the original Bubblegum, the impressive sativa S.A.G.E. and many more. It can definitely be said that T.H. Seeds has secured its place as a leading competitor in the cannabis seed industry.

1993 was the year T.H. Seeds established its name in the world of cannabis cultivation. Right in the center of Amsterdam, it had its base at the cool hangout called C.I.A. (Cannabis in Amsterdam). The C.I.A. was not only the headquarters for T.H. Seeds but also the first outlet for Europe’s first and finest Hemp store Hempworks.

Many notorious cannabis connoisseurs were impressed by the C.I.A and it quickly became one of the most popular places to visit, meet other cannabis enthusiasts and exchange knowledge on cannabis cultivation. R.C. Clarke perfectly described it as he named it “the epicenter of the cannabis universe”.

Due to Amsterdam’s bureaucratic reasoning in 1995, the C.I.A. had to close down, but fortunately they found a great location right around the corner from where the store used to be. T.H. Seeds and Hempworks are now established on one of Amsterdam’s most famous shopping streets, the Nieuwendijk.

Impressive introductions followed like the living legend S.A.G.E. in 1995. This strain rapidly became one of the worlds most sought after sativa’s. The great flavor and the long lasting high conquered many cannabis loving hearts. The great results on growing this plant made it one of the most attractive sativa’s to grow. Over the years S.A.G.E. has been gaining more and more respect resulting in numerous awards. In 2002 it was awarded at the High Life Cup with a second prize for seed companies and also grabbed second place in the outdoor category.

Other interesting strains from T.H. Seeds’ original collection include the flavorful Chocolate Chunk, the massive producer Heavy Duty Fruity, the resin-packed Kal-X and a knockout variety The Hog.

This year T.H. Seeds added two new varieties to its collection: Sage ‘n Sour, a killer cross between the flagship strain S.A.G.E. and the infamous Sour Diesel. A tasty Sativa with a reasonably short flowering time. The other new strain is called MK Ultra. A special cross between the legendary (super strong!) G-13 and world famous L.A. Kush, Very strong and flavorful.

One thing’s for sure and that is that T.H. Seeds has grown a lot in the past years. Its main focus has always been and always will be preserving and improving their line of top quality of seeds and meeting the demands of growers and smokers.


Vancouver Island Seed Co.
20 years ago I realized that cannabis is best when it’s fresh and handled well, so I started growing. This led me quickly into the quest for the perfect strain. Over the past 15 years I have created 199 breeds. I take pleasure in “bettering” the plants and continue to strive for the finest possible genetics. Plants can be grown by anyone, the more love you give them, the more they give you. The more TLC you give them the more THC you get back. In soil I find my breeds do best in pH6.4 -6.6, hydroponics it is 6.2-6.3 that works best. My goals are to provide the best taste, best high and easy to grow strains

West Coast Seed Co.
Looking for an early outdoor strain? This local company has a lot to offer with its numerous Mighty Mite crosses.

White Label
White Label is the sister company of Sensi Seeds. Here Sensi offers their own versions of very popular strains - high demand, high quality, and low prices are what you'll find with White Label.

White Widow Web
Ingemar, alias the Seed Master, originator of the legendary White Widow plant. Ingemar is a passionately dedicated plant expert working in to research and development of hemp and cannabis, creating ever stronger, heartier, varieties. His cannabis creations have won major awards and competitions here in the Netherlands, as well as beyond its borders. Ingemar is highly respected in the business and regularly dispenses free medical marijuana to those who will provide a truthful, unbiased statement of its effects on their medical illness. For over three years he has provided for those suffering from glaucoma, cancer and m.s. (Multiple sclerosis).

Willy Jack Seeds
Willy Jack uses a very strict process of parent selection when breeding these exceptional strains. 50 seeds of each of the strains were purchased from seed companies in Amsterdam. Only the strongest and most vigorous specimens were used to produce seed stock. All strains are regularly tested; germination rates are close to 100%

World Wide Seeds
World Wide Seeds have produced an excellent range of very high quality Marijuana seeds. Our specialists have spent years developing the different strains and we regularly check our stock to ensure the high quality is maintained.

My thanks to Profound somewhere in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Pinch:3: :peace:
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