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Breeding and Flowering Multiple Strains in the Same Room


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I am currently growing 6 plants of 2 strains (C99 and Northern Lights), and would like to breed each strain (C99 X C99 and NL X NL, not crossing strains), but I only have a small area to do so. I have a small veg and a slightly larger flower area. To add to this, I'd like to keep 1-2 of the plants in veg longer and seedless, or sinsemilla. This would require no pollen in the grow room(s), except on the pollinated females.

The reason for this is to keep backups of both strains, if I decide to stop growing for awhile.

I was planning on keeping the one plant in veg, while all the others go to the flowering room under 12/12. When the male flowers look to be swelling, I would remove them, and place them in separate parts of the house with minimal light, and wait for them to drop their pollen. I would then use each pollen and a paintbrush to pollinate the respective female plants when it comes time. I would then discard of the males.

I read somewhere that if the pollinated females are separated from the sinsemilla crop for around 2 days, there shouldn't be any stray pollen. I could manage removing the plants and separate them for a day or two, possibly, but they would have to join the others after that. Is it possible to keep the two strains of pollen almost completely separate? I would also need to keep my grow room pollen-free for the sinsemilla crop. Are there any methods (washing, spraying with air, etc) that would minimize this risk and allow me to breed two strains along side each other?


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Sorry! Lets see...

Growing 2 strains in the same room, can you pollinate a Strain A female plant with pollen from Strain A plant and a Strain B female plant with pollen from Strain B plant and get little to no cross-strain breeding?


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Another option is to purchase those clear hanging garment bags to isolate a breeding pair. I picked up a couple at Wallys for about $10 each and gave each bag its own pair of CFLs. The tops of the bags have a metal frame that keeps the space rectangular, and hanging "bars" to hang your CFLs from. Each measures abt 15" x 20" and will contain two 3-gallon pots with saucers. They are tall enough to bring the pair to flower.

But you might want to isolate the males with their chosen females immediately after determining sex, to avoid unwanted X-pollination.
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