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Hello I'm new to the breeding gang. I was wondering how would one go about breeding Charlotte's Angel into just about any strain without having THC levels dropping unusually low. Or would just breeding F1 be sufficient? Again, I'm totally a rookie to this whole thang.


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You’d have to pheno hunt for what you want after you make your cross.

So theoretically if I have the strains that I want. Idk like 20% THC and breeding it with the Charlotte 10% THC. Would my THC level drop significantly or just be a little lower. I know that you won't know exactly how it'll turn out but, I just want your guesstimate.


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No way to forecast, you just have to run the offspring and pick through them. Too much variation in these poly hybrids to make forecasts

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It's more complicated but say you have Strain x (strain y crossed with strain z) and cross with Strain a (strain b crossed with strain c). Some will be more like the mother (x) or the father (a) or something a mix of both, with a chance of it going back a generation and some like either Strains y or z or b or c. Odds will vary based on how stable the two strains you are mixing are, if not very stable then can be all over the place. Anybody can make seeds or their own hybrids as nature takes care of it pretty well or you can help it along, but making stable hybrids takes a lots of time (years) and some knowledge ta boot.
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