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breeding queries


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hey guys :)

I'm hoping to do some breeding on my next grow. I've got three different strains with which I can breed. I'm going to be using the colloidal silver method.

The colloidal silver method will involve turning one female plant male and then harvesting the pollen, I'll then use this pollen on two other plants.

The strains available to me are:
Blue Dream (3 seeds)
Lemon Kush (16 seeds)
Super Silver Critical Haze (1 single seed)

My questions are:

If I want a plant with more characteristics of the super silver haze and the blue dream, should i use a lemon kush as a father plant and fertilise the other two?

If i wanted to cross the blue dream with the super silver critical, would it be best to use one of those as the father?

As i only have 3 of the blue dream seeds (they're expensive) I want to avoid using two of them for this process.

The purpose of this is to create a bunch of female seeds, the cross breeding is just a side effect.

I imagine if i use a blue dream as the pollinator on another blue dream, I'll get all blue dream seeds right?


indica vet

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yes to the blue bred with blue and you will get very little phenotypes this way all should grow same.
if you use either of the other 2 you will get many varying phenotypes and what is known as hybrid vigor.
i like hybridising and picking the pheno's i like and then clone them on for future grows/breeding.
hope this helped:)
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