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Breeding Question


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i'm just curious about mixing strains. and what you get when you do.

i had a male THC Bomb that i used to pollinate a small bud on a female Killawatt. i ended up with 4 seeds, 3 of which hatched and 2 actually grew, and just yesterday i was able to confirm that the two that grew are male and female that i plan on making seeds with and i am wondering what exactly i have. meaning have i created a strain of my own? should i get traits from both parent plants(thc bomb and killawatt)? am i inbreeding since both parents are from the same plant? do i have to grow multiple generations before it is it's own new strain?

just any info or thoughts would be a big help, i am completely new to this.


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Wit one seed it's gonna be extremely difficult to say what traits they took from their parents. If you make F2 and then start cloning, cubing what you get, you can decide if this cross is worth your while.
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