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breeding same strain


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hi everybody
i want to make some feminized seeds using colloidal silver so i don't have to pay 250$ seeds every harvest.
My question is if i take for example a stain like ak-47 , spray colloidal silver , harvest pollen and with that pollen i pollinate another ak-47 from the same batch will i get ak-47 seeds with the same characteristics , genes ? Also with those seeds that result can i breed them like the first ones and get same characteristics , genes ?
please help !

Calyx Hunter

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I'm not an experienced expert on this but I have read that pollen produced from a female turned hermie plant that pollinates another female plant will produce something on the order of 97% feminized seeds. So there will still be a chance of male seeds. Since you would be pollinating an AK47 with an AK47 you will get a strong cross with both of those plants characterisitics. If the two plants used have very strong quality traits then you would most likely get seeds with most of those quality traits.


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Yes, you'd just get F2, but with a possibility of passing hermie trait as real breeding is usually done with regular seeds.
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