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Brian420pm 3rd Grow Aug 2020: Blue Dream, GG4, Gelato


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Lots of changes since grow #2! Now I'm living in Missouri as a legal caretaker/cultivator. I can make a living growing cannabis, how SWEET is that! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to the universe that brought me here!

If you don't know what's happening in Missouri, you can get a caretaker/cultivator ID for $125, then you can grow and deliver 12 oz a month to 3 assigned patients (4 oz each). You can charge whatever you want, as long as you and your patients come to an agreement. You don't charge for the product itself but for all the work you do growing it. Your plants have to be labeled with the patient name assigned to each plant. You can have up to 18 plants going at once... 6 in veg under 14", 6 in veg over 14" and 6 in flower.

I'm starting with 4-5 plants, seeds are poppin :)


After a week I'll go into solo cups. Washed the coco and perlite and charging in calmag. No last minute work this time! hehe



I increased the perlite in the coco/perlite ratio because last time I was feeding 3 times a day and the EC was getting much too high over time. I didn't measure the runoff properly, which required a massive flush late in flower for the rescue. I got lucky and still got 4-5 oz per plant in 16 weeks. I'll be trying 3 parts coco to 2 parts perlite for this grow instead of 3 to 1.

I'll be growing Blue Dream, GG4 and Gelato from Nirvana Seeds in Holland.

So far between the Blue Dream, Cherry Pie and Northern Lights I've grown EVERYONE chooses the Blue Dream flower, the smell is INTOXICATING!

Here is my complete recipe...


Let the games begin! :)
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