Brian420pm's 2nd Grow Dec 2019: Indoor, Blue Dream & Cherry Pie

Flower Week #9 Update:

What a difference a week made after flushing down my huge salt buildup... we got trichome heads, and some AMBER! YAY all is NOT lost phewww!

Looks like harvest time. I'll put them in dark for a couple days soon and stress them a little and then chop.


I'm thrilled beyond words!

After 8 weeks of veg and 9 weeks of flower I chopped them and hung in the tent for 5 days. The humidity of the buds in jars is 50%. I'll bring them up to 62% with boveda packs and burp them daily for the next couple weeks.

Dry weight:
Blue Dream - 154g - 5.5oz
Cherry Pie - 134g - 4.7oz

After I realized their EC runoff was terribly high in the last week I flushed with 10 gallons of 700 ec water. For the last three days they were in the dark and no feedings. In the last 4 hours I turned on the lights and soaked their pots, then chopped them.

While dry trimming there were clouds of heads falling off, just amazing! I more than doubled my yield compared to the first grow. The only difference was I added amendments to this grow...

Surfactant Yucca Extract powder = 1/8th tsp per 10 gallon
Antibacterial H2O2 3% liquid = 5 tbs per 10 gallon (50ppm)
Chlorine Removal = Ascorbic Acid powder (Vitamin C) 1/8th tsp per 10 gallon
Nutes Amendment = Azomite powder 1/8th tsp per 10 gallon
Nutes Amendment = Bone Meal powder 1/8th tsp per 10 gallon
Nutes Amendment = Kelp Extract liquid 1/8th tsp per 10 gallon

I think I'm officially DIALED IN... no changes expected for when I grow again down the road, I got lots of cannabis to go through!

I trim in my car, less smell to bug my upstairs tenants :)






Thanks for following and HAPPY GROWING!
How do you trim in your car though? Is it comfortable?

hehe Well the chopped branches are in the 5 gallon bucket and an open mason jar is in the center console... I pull a branch out and snip the buds into the jar. All the fan leaves were taken off a week ago so all I got is buds and trich coated sugar leaves. I enjoy it :)
Great run Brian.
Congratulations on your harvest.
They are all special.
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