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Brian420pm's First Grow Sept 2019: Indoor, Northern Lights


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@Brian420pm I really like that you do your research. I also do massive amounts of research before jumping into a project. And I would like to use some of your chart if you do not mind. There is a few things that you have there that I want to add to mine.

I'm in for the duration cannot wait to see the glow from the Northern Lights.


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Thanks GH for stopping in! I'll send you a link to the chart.

So I learned all about how LUX light readings aren't accurate for LED lights, so the $20 light meter can't be used for that purpose. Not wanting to spend hundreds for a PAL meter. I'll still use the results for internal reference points, still very helpful!


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My grow space, tent building has commenced! :)

As you might be able to see, I have access to electric, water, drain and an outside vent, so a perfect little corner for a big 4 x 8 :)



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Awesome start, what strains you have in mind.


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OK well that took forever! Took off 3" in height so it can fit under the ceiling lights and still have plenty of standing room... it's now 76" high. Very pleased with this tent. I can't fathom how something so big and well made was only $153... thank you Chinese workers!


Awesome start, what strains you have in mind.
I have Northern Lights seeds coming from Holland, will be here any day. I'm going with 4 plants for my first grow. I need a big tent because I have a weak back and can't bend over very well... I'll have a chair in there so I can work on the girls easily.


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Lovely can't wait to see them growing.

Was wondering if tent is strong enough you could rig up some straps on a platform to raise and lower plants to be able to work on them easier.


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f tent is strong enough you could rig up some straps on a platform to raise and lower plants
The tent is not that strong. I plan to build pvc carts on wheels after this first build. Then I'll know what size pots and how many plants will suit me the best.

So many choices!... more plants in small pots in a shorter grow cycle = more training and attention or less plants in bigger pots with less labor and a longer grow cycle.


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Lol sounds awesome but gotta warn you this plant is way too fun to grow. You will find before long that tent is full and your looking for another one. I'm sticking around for sure.

Some beautiful Northern Lights I see in your near future


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~$2,000 spent so far, not much more to get, thankfully! :) Still waiting for seeds!

DateItemAmtCostType (Once or Recurring)
8/22/2019Cal Mag1 gallon$40R
8/22/2019Nutes3 gallons$89R
8/22/2019PH UP/Down2 quarts$30R
8/22/2019Gram Scale1$12O
8/22/2019PH/TDS meters1$21O
8/20/2019Seedling Light 32w1$31O
8/20/2019Jiffy Root Pellets50$13R
8/20/2019Seed Heat Mat1$12O
8/20/2019Seed Planting Trays/Domes10$20O
8/22/2019Seed Base Tray1$7O
8/20/2019Seed Air Pots16$11O
8/20/2019Rope Hanging Clips2$10O
8/21/2019Northern Lights Seeds10$85R
8/6/2019Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer1$132O
8/6/2019Glass Rig1$65O
11/18/2018Flowermate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer1$105O
6/3/2019Dulytek DM1005 Rosin Press1$320O
8/24/20191/4" Irrigation Hose100ft$24O
8/24/2019Light Meter1$21O
8/24/20191/4" Hose Fittings1$5O
8/24/20191500w LED Lights1$150O
8/24/20194" Hose Duct25ft$18O
8/24/20194" Clip Fans2$40O
8/24/2019Coco Blocks5$21R
8/24/2019Irrigation LIne Punches6$5O
8/24/20194" Fan1$120O
8/24/201912" Drip Trays5$15O
8/24/20191/2" Hose Fittings1$11O
8/24/20194" Carbon Filter1$37R
8/24/20193 Gallon Fabric Pots5$15R
8/24/201950ft 1/2 Hose50ft$10O
8/24/2019Outlet Timers2$29O
8/24/20194 x 8 Grow Tent1$160O
8/24/2019Temp/Humidity Gauge1$12O
8/27/20193ml Syringes100$16R
8/27/20195mm Nitrile Gloves100$12R
8/27/2019Pocket Microscope1$12O
8/27/2019LED Sunglasses1$16O
8/27/2019Trimming Shears3$11O
8/28/2019Hose Nozzle Sprayer1$10O
8/28/2019Submersible Pump1$10O
8/28/20191/2" Barb Fittings1$10O
8/28/20191/2" Hose Valve1$3O
8/28/20191/2" Bulkhead Fitting1$4
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Hey @Brian420pm how things going? Hope all is well


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Seedlings Week #1

10 Northern Light seeds from Nirvana.


Soaked in bottled water for 2 hrs

0903191851 (1).jpg

Then into a covered plastic container with a damp dish rag. 90F, 99RH.
16 hrs later the first seed popped.


After 28 hrs all seeds were showing roots. Put them in moist peat pods using bottled water. 90F, 90RH.


After 5 days, 8 were growing, 2 were culled. First leaves were showing, put them under 24hrs of 35w LED light, 4" above tops. 85F, 80RH.

0907190050 (1).jpg

At 1 week old the tap roots were showing through the bottom, at least 1" tall and ready to go in small pots.


Seedlings Week #1 Summary:
Everything went as expected! No changes for next grow.

Stay tuned for Veg Week #1


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Veg Week #1

Transplanted the peat pods into 2.5" pots. These pots are grooved and holed to allow air pruning. They provide spectacular root growth!


Started to feed once per day using GH nutes at 50%.
Media is coco/perlite (70/30) washed and buffered with cal/mag at 7.5ml/g, 8 hrs twice.
Water is bottled.
Start nute EC value at 400 and increase 100/day until at 1,000.
Plants moved to grow tent under budget full spectrum LED light 24" above plants, wattage pull of 280w.
80F at leaf tops, 70-80% RH, plants in trays to keep up RH.




0915192155 (1).jpg


Veg Week #1 Summary:
Root growth was very aggressive but the fabric that encases the peat pod was restrictive. Next grow will cut off that fabric. Will also skip the 2.5" pot and go right to 5".

Thanks for stopping in, stay tuned for Veg Week #2!


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Veg Week #2

Repotted these lovely girls into 5" pots. Feeding twice a day, EC around 1100.


0921192329c (1).jpg


The plants are just sitting in a tray on top of a stool in the tent, hand watered, many changes coming soon!

Stay tuned for Veg Week #3


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Beautiful :thumb: I don't know if I can wait a whole week bro :yummy: but i will manage some how


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Veg Week #3

Aggressive growth this week after repot and feeding multiple times per day.




Veg Week #4
coming up!

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
I grow completely differently than you because I try and not buy anything I don't have to so I find your system interesting and I am sure I will learn a lot. Can't go wrong with NL. I started with it and came back to it again and have a NL plant that has been in the flowering room for a few weeks. Your babies are looking happy and healthy. :thumb: Good luck.


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Veg Week #4

Repotting to final 3 gallon 10" pots this week. A LOT of work!

I bought compressed bricks of coco, mixed in 30% perlite and then washed it all in a collander. This got rid of all the fine dust and particles that may get in the way of proper root absorption.

Wash your perlite!


This is my picture of one of my plant root balls from the 5" pot... amazing!


This was my first auto-water idea...


In their new digs!


On auto water system, feeding 4 times a day, EC around 1200.


Nutes in a bucket, main pump on a timer and small circulation pump at work...


I didn't like the water system, so I built something else. First modify a table to be the platform. The condensate pump will pump away the waste water hmmm :)


And here it is... liquid comes from above, PVC is blocked off so only the top pipe holds water, then flows to each ring, 1/16" holes drilled on the underside to distribute. Valves to control flow globally and individual plants for fine tuning if needed. The white trays that the fabric pots fit in are on wheels, so I can easily turn or remove the plants if required.


Here is the system operational at the end of Veg Week 4! The runoff collects in the black trays and drains through the bottom into the pump.


Down to 4 plants, I kept two other runts that are off to the side. I feed them runoff water and just let them hang around.

Stay tuned for Veg Week 5!


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Veg Week 5

Multiple people in another forum are pressing me about my topping and training strategy. Just let this first time grower GROW and I'll find my own way, thank you very much! :)

My initial thought was to top the main once or twice and get 6-8 colas, but then I started to see very strong lateral branches growing, and they were NOT always from the first two nodes. I also did a lot of reading about apical dominance and how the grower can change the dominant top and even out the canopy by using LST.

I decided for my first grow to NOT top the main, but instead choose the 4 strongest lateral branches and prune the rest, then LST everything for a smooth canopy, which will give me 5 colas per plant. Next time I may do the same thing or keep 6 laterals for a total of 7 colas, or I may top once, then LST.

Here is the before and after of the first prune where I kept 4 laterals and pruned the rest. No defoliation, I LEAVE THE LEAVES! :)


Here the main stem has been pulled down and to the side (LST) to let the others share dominance...




Very happy with how they look... and smell! Stay tuned for Veg Week # 6, the last week before the switch to flower :)


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Oh the weeks are flying by lol.

Love the new watering rig great job :thumb: looks awesome. Improved over last design looks easier to maintain your plants.

Many growers like to push their ideas on others but with so many growing variables doesn't work out most times. I enjoy mainly watching and learning with ya brother. You won't get a " you know what you need" from me.

Great work. Can't wait for next week update.
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