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Bring on the KAOS


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So a while back i made a thread about the unfortunate death of one of my glass bubblers at the hands of my roommate (the destructor of glass!), but since i had lent my digicam to my little sister who was off on a european adventure i could not get pics at the time.

now i have pics of the carnage!

the entire glass on glass section of the bowl is shattered off, and you can see the crack circling around the entire gong downstem but fortunately the body and structure of the piece is still intact, the downstem has a long crack going down it so will need a new one if it were ever able to be fixed

but the day this happened my roommate and i went to the local smoke shop and he picked out and picked up a new bong (its not for me it was just a "sorry i broke your piece but heres a house bong for you to use until i can get it fixed...hopefully")

this is a 7mm kaos with bistabil joint

the joint is HUGE!! i love that...(thats where my roomie broke our last tube haha) but this thing is a freakin beast!

diffused downstem for sure

the official stamp of my approval ahaha :allgood:

and last but not least is my piss poor milk shot!
i took this one a bit later that night and the lighting is no good at my place (check the embossed logo though!)



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we picked it up for $150 with no downstem or bowl since we already hadthose left over from the other tube he broke

but this motherfu.. is a BEAST!! its heavy as shit!


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It looks like the bowl broke off really cleanly. Is there any way you can get a rubber gromet and a new slide? It looks like you might be able to get it to seal since it broke so clean (no sharp edges).

Nice KAOS pipe too BTW. Never heard of them, but if the bistabil joint and the diffuser are standard on them then thats awesome.


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That is one slick contraption, especially for the price . The only company I've encountered with joints of comparable thickness is EHLE.
It was good of your friend to compensate for your bubbler's untimely demise. On a lighter note, what kind of ganj are you combusting currently?


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Holy crap! Is that a mini-Bic you have next to the joint in that one pic, or is it a fullsize??? Either way that is massively thick. A good feature for sure.


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nope thats a full size bic!

and i just had some dank indoor nugs from santa rosa just a few days ago but they didnt stay around long enough to be photographed haha. heres what ive mainly been toking on lately, it isnt anything very impressive but i have been getting it for cheap and easy so thats fine with me! haha

its just some outdoor my buddy's girlfriend grows over in mendo county

this is the blueberry durban, but i also get a strain called pure indica and a strain called smelly lady from the same source


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I actually dont know, i just grabbed a few nugs for a picture today before i went to work

Goddess Arlen

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I wish I had some of that bud! That new Water Pipe looks like the Bomb!


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I actually just picked up some herb last night

its some indoor all the way from humboldt county and is friggin bombtastic!!!

check it:

its some hella dank and fluffy indoor ish. soaring head highs and lemony skunk smells make this some killer bud, one or two snaps out the kaos and im fuckin swimming


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i got a kaos i'm out in CO, i've never been able to find any info on them either. i wonder where they're based


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I Also have a Original Kaos... I have had it since 2002 and Would totally love to know where I can get replacement parts. I bought it while living in Vegas - since moving from there I broke my bowl - - - And I have TRIED many a replacements - - - NONE are working out! I WANT TO KNOW WHERE I CAN ORDER ORIGINAL KAOS FROM??? PLZ HELP! :peace:


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I love my Kaos bong. My roommate and I named it Howard. :) Best piece we ever had!
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