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What strain well it's my first time with this one and my first journal with 420 . I will be growing white widow x big bud . Info that follows is from the breeder( a very popular cannabis strain with enormous yield and heavy stone expect enormous buds dripping with resin with the knock out white widow stone after 7/8 weeks of 12/12) so that's what the breeder says. Next my room . It's made from a light weight industrial insulated door panel that's various colours on the outside but most importantly bright white on the inside . The room is as near as I can get it air tight with a industrial fridge door seal and my inlets covers by two old 6inch carbon filters which I've always used twice by using them in the room first on my extraction fan and then on the outside as air scrubbers to make sure the air coming in is pretty dam clean . So my extraction is thermostaticly controlled set at 28 degrees the fan is a super silent 10 inch with a twelve inch carbon filter mounted inside the room at the top against the back wall . It was a tight fit to make sure if needed I could drag the light all the way up . The room is only 4 foot by 4 foot but 6 and half feet tall (1200x1200x2100 ) ish . It's lit by 600hps when weather permitting or if it's hot 2 x 200cfls . I've had it running with 1no 200 cfl and my 600 hps and it's dailed in nice . My system is adjustable from 4no Dec bucket's down to one if I wish but the plan is to have all four full at all times with 4 weeks or so between any two bucket's at any one time . I have it recirculating into a resovoiur ( if spelt correctly) outside the room . Which I can drain the entire system and fill it . I have also built a smaller veg/seedling room next it it which is half the height and only 3 feet deep but still 4 feet wide . I'll be using canna products as I always have and never had a bad grow because of the nutes . I hope I have covered everything on the build . Now I'll start with my little girl's they was popped into rock wool cubes and have popped up and shown signs of life today here is a few pictures of what has happened from the 28/8/14 to today 2/9/14
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Thanks for turning up boys . I will posting some pictures after work today if I've got time of the plants that are in flowering at the moment . The buds under the hps side are fattening up much quicker than the cfl side . This isn't a surprise but my question is would it be worth swapping the lights over or do you think I'm best not fixing something that isn't broke .
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Well it's been a long day at work and im feckered . I've only just got home I left this morning around 6ish so I've not been able to see my little girls today or the bigger ones and my house is busy now . So I can only hope I get a nice easy day at work tomorrow so I get home early and check on them . And it's thanks to skunny it's not quite in here and kjc just seems to be everywhere . Thanks again . :thanks:
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Holy was pretty dam cool as well . That guy knew everything about everything . Not sure if he knew everything about our favourite plant like kjc seems too . I've just popped upstairs and the little ones are getting along just fine they have opened up a little more now the bigger ones are bobbing along nicely . I still get doubled over with laughter watching red dwarf .