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British Stoner 1st Time Grow

Dan Moore

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In my 1st grows, I put them into darkness for 2 days before I chopped them.

I've done a lot to stress (more like destroy) this experimental grow.
The cuttings had 25 days of veg before the flip.

I did Maritimer's week 7 drought stress and a heavy defoliating at week 3.
The drought might have been overdone as I have lots of brown crinkley leaves.
They are all in different sized pots and some are quadlined.

I saw KIDGROW420 posts here from way back and I'll try 8/16 and low humidity before I chop next weekend.

" I have learned and use several techniques towards the end of my grows to help swell the resin glands and almost quadruple trichome production. It's a old techinique I have mentioned on here before (around the formus) in guidling and helping people get the most out of their crop... The last 2 weeks of flush is standard. No matter what you grow with or how you grow it. That simple. BUT, in the last 48-56 hours of the plants life another "technique" I use comes into play. I switch the humidity down to 25-32%, then hit em with a 8/16 light schedule. This 8 hours of light and 16 of dark sends the plant into HEAVY Trichome production and swells the resin sacks to the size of grapes. In most cases (with me) the trichome production AT LEAST triples. I also in the last 48 hours like to make a cut at the base of the plants stock. A simple cut half way through the stock or a little less will send this plant into even heavier trichome and resin production. The plant thinks it's being eaten by a deer or animal and when you hit them with the 8/16 sched... Man o Man. It tricks the plant into thinking it's day is defiantly numbered by insinuating winter is upon her and shes getting eaten... These techniques towards in the last 48-56 hours will not only help you get bigger stickier buds. But it will also give you substantial increase in potency. BUT, do not let it go to long or your plant will nanner. And we obviously do not want this. This is why I say the last 48-56 hours. After many tests I find this is the "sweet spot" and wont deal with any nanners."


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I know a lot of growers have tried the extended dark period (myself included) and found it didn't make a difference to trichome production, smell, or anything else worth doing. The folks who have tried it and swear by it aren't the folks I usually trust on other grow recommendations, but to each his own. I've never figured out where all these new trichomes are supposed to come from alll of a sudden, or how there is room for trichome heads to swell "like grapes," nor can I find any evolutionary reasoning behind this (some sort of solar eclipse that happens every fall?).

Always a good idea to try things out if you're curious though, but take before and after macro pics of the same bud for an accurate way to judge the difference.

Out of curiosity, is there a big difference if the bud is dried too much at a low RH when using a mighty/ vaporiser instead of smoking (I know with smoking it produces a harsher smoke)?
Good question! Let us know how it goes!

Dan Moore

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Yes, all taken with a pinch of salt and I hope I will become fit enough to do some proper experiments.
I'm quite happy to try most things, even if I don't know the reason why they work.
It's just important to know what works...

It would be good to have a definitive growing guide.

I've just been reading about the success of open air hospitals during the 1918 spanish flu, where patients had much more success with their beds out in the fresh air and sunlight.
It was only later that we found out about the link between vitamin D and sun.
It was and much, much later that we learned about vitamin D and respiratory illnesses.
I'm on 5000IU a day.


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Hope everyone's keeping well during the lockdown!
The smokes were gorgeous. Been keeping a diary for what they're like to smoke/vape since drying+curing began. Initially Thunderfuck was a better smoke but after a few more weeks, Special Queen has surpassed my expectations. My impatience during isolation meant I didn't cure for long before using so can only imagine what they'd be like in 2+months.

As you can see, I've been slowly increasing the number/types of plants I have in my grow room as my confidence in understanding and maintaining them is getting better as well as knowing how to manage the grow space.

Current grow:

14th March
2x Royal Cheese - RQS auto
2x Royal Jack - RQS auto
1x Laughing Buddha - Barney's fem/photo

17th April
1x Special Queen - RQS fem/photo

As I don't have a second tent, I have a bit of a weird rotation plan but basically just using autos and cuttings plus the SoG method to fill in the time it takes for photos to get large during veg. After trying it during my last grow, I feel the ScrOG is definitely a method for people who are more patient:

1. once current autos are harvested, I'll add SQ/NT cuttings to the tent (these are the ones that were dying a while back but managed to save and have been slowly growing)
2. soon after, once Buddha/new SQ is big enough, I'll take cuttings and possibly start one ror more autos
3. by the time any new autos are harvested, I'd flip for the remaining photos

And repeat..

Enjoy your week!
19.Apr group1.jpg
19.Apr group2.jpg

Dan Moore

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I had real problems with seedlings dying even though I had my heatmat and propogator.
Humidity again I think.
Currently I have 2 inch high seedlings of Cannatonic, CBD Critical Mass and CBD Critical XXL
Also a CBD Silver Lime Haze Auto.
I'm switching the lights off and leaving them in the garden during the day.
Before they are ready to flip, I'll take cuttings and leave these in the garden and they'll hopefully be ready to go when the first ones finish.
I want to try some autos in the garden and do some proper quadlining this summer.

What are the yellow sheets and what are they for?


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What are the yellow sheets and what are they for?
They're sticky traps as a preventative for adult fungus gnats, I thought the soil had a few eggs.

Yeah I think I'm a little paranoid of pests which is why I didn't use a scrog net for the autos this time round - makes watering easier and I wanted to easily be able to manoeuvre around the plants for to spray them occasionally with the soap insecticide. The scrog makes it easier for crawling pests to transfer to different plants imo.
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Hope everyones doing ok. If anyones got advice on if ready to cut down, my low quality pics are below.:laugh2:

Quick update:
Harvesting autos
- this week: 2x Royal Cheese, 1x Royal Jack
- end of month: 1x Royal Jack

- Laughing Buddha (wk9) - took a cutting yday, already compensating by throwing out dome new growth.
- SpecialQueen1 (wk5) - will take a cutting at a later date

Cuttings - so one died lol, and the other still occasionally has root issues

Just bought a Mars TS1000 so pretty excited to try it out as my colas are usually kinda small to what I think they could be.
As my current autos are coming to a close, I've germinated a WW auto to grow alongside the photo/fem plants to learn topping autos. Once done I'll flip - in 9 or so weeks.

Have a good week.



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Hey I'm not sure what is ready here. The brownnhairs are usually all over the plant and the mini sugar bits are the things to amber. Looks like could go on a little.maybe. any full pics??


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Hey I'm not sure what is ready here. The brownnhairs are usually all over the plant and the mini sugar bits are the things to amber. Looks like could go on a little.maybe. any full pics??

So I don't pay much attention to the brown hairs but rather the colour of the trichomes. For whatever reason I have a hard time distinguishing between cloudy and clear trichome heads but so far the Cheese I cut down had about 2-3% amber trichomes and most were cloudy from what I could tell.

My dumbass left the microscope light on so need batteries before taking new pics.

Dan Moore

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I started everything far too late this year, but now I have a few small plants.
I intend to quadline them, but grew them up a little, so that I could use the top as a clone.
They go into the garden during the day and after the heat last year, I'll probably put the lights on in the tent overnight and off during the day.
GGD, how long do you find your quads take to get to the edge of the pot before you flip?
Roughly how long is quadline veg time?

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