Brother's 3rd Indoor Year, 4x4, Soil, Various Strains


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Hello my friends, it's that time of year again. I will be attempting to grow some ganja in the best way i can, good toppings and low stress trainings will of course be what ill strive for, hoping for the best yields :)

So lets just hop into it:

Is this going to be an Auto or Female grow? A little bit of both
Is this going to be another Brother journal without a proper ending? most likely :cool:

What about grow space and lights? still doing HPS in 4x4 tent like a proper ghetto grower :laughtwo:

are you going to use those annoying multi-color texts again? you know it!

What strains are you going to grow this time? Tangie, LSD, White Island, Skunk N1, Triple Cheese (& some autos)

How often are you going to update and how long is this journal going to last? I'll try to update pictures weekly and the journal will probably keep going till the start of summer!

Here are some photos of the current grow, starting from seed up to current day. 9 female in small pots (5L) vegging and 18L pot autos starting to flower (at least 3/5 are, cause seems like we have 2 insubordinate ones). Im currently not sure about the 2 autos not flowering, maybe they are male maybe they are not autos at all and they mixed the seeds, we will see if i chop them down or let them go.. im still half and half

Rough start under HPS cause im too lazy to switch lights, leggy plants and hard beginnings make it for a good ending tho :)



these 2 are being a little bit insubordinate right now, they are supposed to be 60day autos but no sign of flowering. (well actually today i saw few lady hairs so maybe they are just late bloomers? who knows)

im just riding it out for now and see how it goes...

anyway this concludes the introduction for my 3rd journal, i hope everyone enjoys a good time while i attempt to grow these ladies :thanks:

thank you in advance to everyone who buckles up and joins for the ride, my old friends as well as the new ones i'll make from this one. you are all beautiful :love:

close-ups soon..
Well there you are stranger. :hug: :love: I was just looking at your avatar yesterday and thinking about tracking you down. I'll try to be more attentive this time. It's good to have you back among us. :kisstwo:

Morning LA. Congrats again, my friend. Never feels less than completely humbling, does it?
thanks for the early attendance my friends :) and grats grats as well :love:
hey Whats up Brotha
60 day strain? is it the dna genetics 60 day wonder?
takes about 70 days actually :rofl:
and I wasn't too happy with it I grew more than 1 of them not at the same time
subbed looking good so far Brotha :thumb:
hey Whats up Brotha
60 day strain? is it the dna genetics 60 day wonder?
takes about 70 days actually :rofl:
and I wasn't too happy with it I grew more than 1 of them not at the same time
subbed looking good so far Brotha :thumb:

haha yea something like that :)
nice to see you here cronic :circle-of-love:

Great to see you back at it Brother, let's get growin! :cheer:

its great to see you here too my friend :) thanks for joining

Hey there brother. Good to see you back again. here hoping to see the big finish. :passitleft:

hey brother im glad you joined us in this small adventure we're about to embark upon :love:
Good to see you back 420. Thanks for invitation to join you here. :Namaste:

so glad to have you back with us my friend :)

im actually so exited to hang out again with you all, cant wait to get some free time to catch up with yall journals as well :love:
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

HAHA my new record :)

its not dead @David :) im just known for slacking with updates on my journals plus being super busy with work :)

here is recent updates, even more coming soon after flower switch :

harvesting the autos to get by

girls before pruning

Topping and Cleaning a week ago

females today (after a week), trained and ready to flower:




will do a "doc bud" before flowering AKA clean everything up except the top nods, switching tommorow :)

again .. i know im bad at updating and words cant possibly explaing how sorry i am about it, holidays soon so i hope i get some freetime to hangout with my 420 peeps again and update my journal without moderators asking if its abandoned or not

:circle-of-love: love you all :circle-of-love:
Hey :) :passitleft:

i know i know im bad at updating :) 3 journals i didnt learn yet :rofl:

i wont say "ive been busy" cause i feel like a broken record at this point

hope you are all doing great :love: :love: cant wait for the holidays
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