Brother's Winter Grow - Still Doing That - G13 - Amnesia - BB & WW

gOOD timing I've been just thinking WTF happened with you?
gOOD timing I've been just thinking WTF happened with you?

haha, sup neighbour. i've been MIA for a while now, caught between work and a woman.

Just chillin in sunny Greece, harvesting sweet bud to entertain the soul :Namaste:

thank you for checking on me i appreciate that brother :thanks:

Missed you brother, good to see you around man. :high-five:

CS! i missed you too brother. I've missed so much of all my friends grows in here and i hope this summer i'll get some time to browse around and hang out with you guys again :circle-of-love::circle-of-love::circle-of-love:

*update on girls: harvested everything except the G13H, those babies gonna take long time :smokin:

i have a lot of notes on comparing grows and it will be nice to share when i cut the last 4 down. Got some sweet pictures too that will pair nicely with the whole thing.

Last night i tried the Amnesia right after i cut it down, one can say it was a kind of Charas cause the resin was still alive, made a small sample for myself and tried it.

You know how there's a chart in here that goes around with a stone/high scale from 1 to 10? i dont know if i passed that scale but i definitely max'ed it.

Smells and tastes that i havent had before, a unique kind of medication that is hard to explain. It was an instant lift and i wasnt even clean of THC, still heavily smoking but that little roach buffed real hard.

Very strong and clear minded, can be nauseating if not prepared correctly for the ritual. For example, when i have this level of material, i choose to medicate outside where oxygen levels are higher because high THC spike your blood pressure a lot and it helps to avoid migranes if you're oxygenating properly.

My backyard view of the milkyway and the ambient sound helped me enter a state of deep consciousness, time and space became irrelevant while i gazed into the world and all my thoughts were gone leaving me with a wave of affection and acceptance for reality.

I tried to recreate it but i wasnt able, maybe in that moment i let go of everything and it hit me like that and thats why i cant go to that place again. But that also makes it more special because if i could re-live it that easily then it wouldnt be that special :)
good to know man :thumb:
Only been there a few times. Last time that happened was two nights ago in the kitchen. I wanted to test the ceiling on a new Jack leaning pheno of SWD. There wasn't really a ceiling, I just went to 11:volcano-smiley: It's like communion with everything that is. :Namaste: A peaceful affection and acceptance of all, without fear. My body felt like it was pulsing with energy, peaking and cycling every 2 to 3 seconds. Good to hear someone else has felt that same way. Looking forward to the pics and update brother.
Sounds like proper sativa experience.
:ciao: Brother
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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thank you for moving it to completed threads David. The truth is that i am unable to update it any further, my personal life has caught up to me to the point where i dont have the luxury of browsing for my own pleasure anymore.

i just wanted to thank all my friends properly for the continuous support and love through all my journals.

i will try to pop by every now and then to say hi, i love you all you are all beautiful <3
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