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Hi 420 Magazine Family!,

Welcome to another Sponsor review, I am doing a review for a wonderful sponsor here to our mission, Now Brothers with Glass is just as it says, it is a family owned head shop, based in Oregon, brothers Jake and Jesse. They have gotten the most top grade quality glass from all over the US to offer to you, me and everyone great quality glass for low prices. I now have something's of theirs that I would like to share with you here which are a glass hand pipe and a Happy Daddy Bowl Buddy.


As I am a glass man myself, this company took my eye in major interest, I love a great glass piece that has just the right size holes in the bowl and on the carb. Jake sent me a beautiful hand pipe with just that. If you're a deep hitter like myself, you know what I am saying here. The carb on this pipe is so big that it adds a shot of fresh oxygen when you release for the hit. There's no joke when it says top quality glass, it is nice and thick in the bowl area as well as the mouth piece. Also I love the fact that it takes a lot more to get this baby clogged.



Which now brings me to the Happy Daddy Bowl Buddy, it is a scrapper and poker, on one side It has a uniqe double sided blade that you can use to scrape out the gunk out of the bowl area of your pipe to keep it nice, clean and free of debris, not only can it be used on hand pipes, but it can be used on downstems and bowl pieces of water pipes. When you flip the Bowl Buddy over you can use it as a poker to poke out the holes of the bowl or you can also cut off and end of the plastic q-tips, stick it on the end, dip it in your favorite cleaning solution and go to town on them! If you like to keep your glass clean like I do, this is a wonderful product to pick up on.



At the time of this review, I also had received a Mutiny Dome. I have searched high and low to find someone that knows of or how to use it, most of the people that I know around me are pipe and joint peoples. But the moment I get to try out the product, I will post here below this review.

Make sure that you keep checking in on this site as they have a special going on everyday, it's on the top under "Deal of the Day". You can get your glass for even cheaper with those specials.

A special thank you goes out to Jake and Jesse for the products to do this review and their continued support to our mission.

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