Brown leaves / 100o temps / sprayed for mites / pics


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1. I just sprayed for mites using a combo of Bronners soap, some e-oils, vodka and water. 2% stuff - 98% water.

2. Water in this area heavily chlorinated. ( I let water sit in large container for 2 or 3 days before I water so chlorine can evaporate).

3. Temp are over 100 degrees.

4. plants are in large pots, outside.

5. plants get about 10 hours direct sun everyday.

6. using Dr. Earth soil.

Problem; Center of some leaves turning brown/yellow, drying up, it began after i sprayed and the temps went up the same day. I sprayed in the shade. waited 20 mins. and rinsed generously with hose water. Then shook off most off the water and dried the plants as much as possible. Then moved into direct sun after mostly dry.

Not sure what it is. Spray? Temps? Nutrients?

Please see pictures, and thank you for your help! :peacetwo:


I'd say the same as above, adding I just went through a monster spider mite infestation. Finally got rid of them by just using neem oil duh! After this n that, simple neem. Good luck, smoke em if ya got em. :goodluck:
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