Brown pistols

my pistols are getting some brown tips. Is this normal? First time to post a photo hopefully u can see it. Using 20-10-20 with cal/mag. Just started the cal/mag yesterday

Tokin Roll

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Welcome to 420 Magazine @Garden Girl

First, yes as she matures they will turn brown/orange color.

What type of growing do you enjoy? Have you ever grown before?

Why don't you start a grow journal so we can follow along.

And, after you have over 50 post you can vote or enter our contest to win free grow stuff.

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

Tok.. :bong:

Mark Gordan Smith

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Hello and Welcome on in.
So your having a bash at the outdoor scene...good on you.
And even better on you cos I can tell you you're doing better than me.
Some of the dudes in here have tips on making a Journal in their Signatures and it's quite likely one will come on in talk.
Stay well...Grow well, and as Fleetwood Mac sang 'Oh Well'.
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