Brown Spots and yellow leaves! Help!

Captain Kronic

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To me... those first pics look a lot like over watering... though I'm sure it isn't... that would be too easy wouldn't it... LOL
Anyways... I had a mother that was doing what looked like the exact same thing as in the pics... I trimmed the nasty leaves off of her and cut back on her feed frequency and viola... no more yellow, spotted leaves!
The one difference I will mention is that the mother I am talking about is on a hydro system, not soil.
I'm probably way off cause I don't really know shite but... ya never know!

In re-reading the original post, I find some similarities w/what I have been dealing w/as I am a n00b indo guy.
Your all around temps, especially w/the lower humidity is a perfect scenario for heat stress... it also makes for very poor transpiration. The mother plant I am reeferring to looked just like that... I equated it to mostly heat stress!
I hope you figure it out and... I'm looking forward to seeing your success!
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