Brown spots on leaves


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Hi guys,

Started my grow in a greenhouse.
I started noticing Brown drying spots on the leaves of all 3 of my plants.
2 of which are most affected are autos and just started flowering.
I have been watering them with ph adjusted rain water.
Not sure whats going on with them.
I'm growing in a medium which I composted from organic compost,peat moss,vermiculite,bat guano,chicken,fish,bone emulsion,blood meal,kelp meal, dolomite lime and beneficial fungi.
The run off ph is at 6.5.
I'll try to post some photos.
Any ideas if this might be a mute burn??
And if it is should I flush or just let them be as I only used organic fertilizers.



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Post pictures!


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standard nute burn it is: that said giving them RO water is dumb,
first fix your nute burn by flushing with 3 times the volume of the pot with ph neutral air temp water, use the tap water got a lot of junk in it like calcium, which plants need or get Mg. Def: once corrected avoid feeding until you see a positive improvement

the when you water add 50% tap water to your RO water avoid potting up but next grow increase the perlite to 20-30 % of the pot, as moss and peat HOLD water and NUTE in it....the cause of your issue!
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