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Brown spots - Please help


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i have started noticing some small brown spots i think there are around 6 in total, here is my set up..
300w led lamp 24 inch away from top of plant
canna terra professional soil
big pot not sure how big
temp 27c
humidity 45-55
water not being ph'd but comes out tap around 7.2 and left to sit for 24 hrs
i am feeding her some old timers grow 1/4, cal mag 1/2, seaweed extract 1/2, molasses tsp/gal...
and i have been spraying her in the mornings with some nitrozyme...
i do a water feed water feed routine two days ago i it was water with some molasses.
any other questions feel free to ask

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I like Cheese

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Ah ok. Maybe it's just how it is. They look really nice. It really will not hurt to start giving less nutes and build up again. If it starts to spread.
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