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BrownBud First Grow/Soil/La Diva Auto Fem/2011


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Hello everyone, i'm not expecting this to be a big grow as its only my first around two plants max. In the future i have larger grows but due to space constraints at the moment this will have to do.

First things first

What strain is it? Delicious La Diva Auto Fem
Genotype: Blue Berry / Diavolo.
THC: 15%
Production indoor: 300 gr/m²
Harvest: Automatic ( 45 days ).

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Unknown, I think its mostly sativa around 60/40
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Starting from seed on the 25th of April
If in Veg... For how long? Auto strain so we will let the ladies decide
If in Flower stage... For how long? 45 days
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor closet grow.
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Compost with perlite
If soil... What size pot? 3 - 5 -10 inch
Size of light? 600w Dual Spectrum run for 24 hours standard ballast

Is it aircooled? PC Fans
Temp of Room/cab? around 20 degrees
RH of Room/cab?
PH of media or res? 6.5 will test every 2 weeks.
Any Pests ? No
How often are you watering? -
Type and strength of ferts used? TBA ( probably ionic)

I also have two big bud bag seeds, i dont know what im going to be doing with them currently.

The grow room is going to be built on the 24th. Pictures will be up then :D cant wait :blunt:
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fish cake

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cant wait.:popcorn: got me a seat in the front row!:goodluck:

fish cake

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Got bored of my law and economics revision today as a side project i decided to germinate some big bud seeds i had lying around. Dunno if I'm gonna keep these. Will have pictures up when they have germinated.

La divas are still on for the 24/25

Happy growing

right on! got one twisted a box of ho hos and a six pack.im excited!:Hookah: you should do well. maybe this will help with any brain lock you might have with all that study:popcorn:


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Quick update, got almost everything to builb my grow room now, i decided to change the light and go for a better reflector hood, ive also decided to experiment with a dual spectrum HID bulb, the ballast is compatible with MH and HPS also so if growth slows i will change it.

Update on the big bud seeds just put it in some medium just some fertilizer from a local store gonna try keep this one organic, tape root is getting bigger still now still no leaves :(

Brown :blunt:

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sounds good mr brown. Ihave read that you dont want to add ferts till the third nodes grow. but I aint no expert. anyway good luck and happy 420:popcorn:

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my bad mr brown, anyway I bought the whole seat but Im only using the edge! t minus 4 days and counting!:popcorn:


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Wassup bra's another quick update, had a slight delay with the grow light, but its getting delivered to my grow address in the next few days should arrive just after germination of the La Divas :D,

Things Brown has now sorted
Lights- check
Light hangers - check
Seeds- check
Power timer - check
PH management and testers -check
Reflective material- check

Things to pick up
Growth medium- will pick up as soon as they have germinated
Plant pots- Will be picked up with the growth medium
Ventilation- picking up some fans with the other stuff

Seems like im ready to grow, ill be building my grow room tomorrow will have picks of me starting to germinate seeds and the grow room then.

Its been a bit of a wait but i cant wait to get these ladies started :D

Brown :blunt:


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still only using the edge:goodluck:


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Sup guys grows officially started, got my grow room partially built. just waiting for lights and ill wire up the place.

Lights are a 600w dual spectrum Phillips, just got my pots set up gave them a but of a flush, will move my seeds tomorrow into there pots tomorrow hopefully. Ive got two cracked seeds with tape roots coming out and 1 still closed so we will see how it goes.

PH = 6.7 ish will probably need to get ph down ill see how vegging goes.


Half built grow room will be finished when lights arrive. ( Yes im using foil, and yes i know it reflects like dick :( trying to get some mylar asap.)


Seeds, the picture came out... terrible, yay phone cameras with no real macro.

More updates as lights arrive and seeds are transplanted

any help / advice is appreciated

Brown :blunt:

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SWEET! hey how do you keep your fertiliser from falling out? haha, cant wait to see green! white flat paint is 3% less refletive and last alot longer than mylar lot cheaper too. how ever you do it I wish you many big BUDS! STILL ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT. good luck bloke. or how ever you spell it:cheer:


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Ive got some lovely green shoots, all the seeds made it.

LaD1 is showing great growth
LaD2 is about to split into to leafs
LaD3 just losts all of its out shell should have leafs in the next few hours.

Still dont have my 600w dual spec :(, using cfls that i have for the moment not perfect but good enough for now

Im going away for 3 days tomorrow so ill give them a little extra water.

Doing 24/7 lights,

Pics of shoots will go up tonight

Brown :blunt:

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OOOH MANN!cant wait!
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