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Browning leave tips in soil outside


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Hello to all!
This is my first post. I have been doing some searching as to why my leaf tips are suddenly turning brown and curling. I have included a few pics and would really appreciate some advice.

I sure wish I knew how to rotate the photos
And I hope this works
Thank you in advance
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Lester Freeman

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Hello! You can rotate the photos by opening them up on the desktop and using the rotate button, make sure to save the file. Also make sure you have used our uploader Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

In the mean-time you can browse the plant and pest problem solver / pictorial to see if anything matches up.
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You may want to flush the plants with distilled water in the mean-time before you figure out what the problem is. pH of the medium is often the largest indicator so you would want to know that.

Hope this helps! :Namaste:


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Ok Thank you! That is what I have read here searching just needed confirmation.
I will get some distilled water today.
Also, when I open the pictures on my computer, they are in proper orientation. hmm
I know I get annoyed at looking at sideways pictures. my neck starts to hurt looking at them. :)


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Hello again. Here is what I have done. I was informed that I should transplant my baby into a five gallon pot. The pot I was using was like 2gals. (Bucket used for grass seeds).
I also purchased ph up and down kit to lower my ph of the water source (mine was 7.5-8.0)
I watered the baby upon transplanting. Now my question is this, when I should I and how often should I water? And should I use half nutes?
How long will it take for my baby to show signs of recovery?
I did removes all of the damaged leaves as suggested by horticulturist at hydro store.
Thank you in Advance.
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