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Browning on bud leaves


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I'm somewhat of a new grower and I never experienced this before. I did do a lot of reading and they say this problem could be anything from nute deficiency to bud rot and please say its not bud rot lol.

-I am using dutch nutrient formula 2 part a and b
-the res is a 10 gallon tote and I have 4 plants in it (which I think is to many for 10 gal)
-strain is white widow
-we are 45 days in flowering since 12/12 light cycle change


Fuzzy Duck

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If you have insane RH above 80% all the time i may suspect bud rot, just prise the bud apart & look for brown patchs that is early sign this then turns to grey/white mold.

As this looks to appear to effect most the leafs all over the plant i'm thinking either PH issue or just under feeding.


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thanks for the reply. I been checking the pH and I normally do so 2-3 times per week and or every other top up or feeding and I always have it between 5.6 to 5.9 but I think something messed up with my meter. I used some test strips and it was showing it up in the 8 and 9 ph region so I went out and bought a new ph meter and sure enough it was exactly 8.1 ph.

I thought maybe root rot cause I been getting high r/o around 50-60% with a dehumidifier but then I been giving half feeds twice as often like half strength feedings every 3 days or so and I thought maybe nute burn so I will tone that down to every 7 days as well or what my tds meter says.

but I did drain off all the reservoir and refreshed with just ph'ed 5.8 water until it can adjust before I feed again.


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Sorry I didn't read the properly could be various things heat and humidity a nightmare this time of year

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Ye high PH like that will start to cause some nutrient lock outs but not totally their is a little give 'n' take but reducing up take of some nutrients some what.


The half rate feed is not helping a lot at this stage of flowering hence you are seeing nutrient defs as well, you would be far better of applying a full strength dose once a week & perhaps a 1/2 rate dose a few days later & that should should keep you pretty good for future grows.
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