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Bubba Freed Grow Journal: 3rd Week Day 22 From Seed


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So Day 20 from seed, water is getting to be every other day, I need to invest in a reservoir (water storage) and potentially a backpack sprayer and free flow style nozzle rather than pesticide nozzle to get water flow out better, as whilst I like the control of spraying (watering the plants) it takes me ages. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Ive lost a couple of seedlings :rolleyes: but I was expecting this hence the quantity.

My Creme Caramel and Black Doimina 2 are doing exceptionally well under 2 * 800w (Bestva) LED in the 1,2 by 1,2 (TENT 1) as below.
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-29 at 06.43.11.jpeg

I have stacked these as I was waiting for some more lights, which I am picking to day also I was saving on electricity. However now I think the lower section needs more love.
The upper ones I moved over from another Veg Tent as 1,2 * 1,2 (2 * 300 Watts (Platinum) 1 * 105 CFL (Agro Lite) at the back as blow. (TENT 2)

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-29 at 06.43.10.jpeg

I have VEG AND BLOOM switches on now in both tents, as my initial testing in Tent 1 worked out well as you can see.

My Tent 2 plants seem to have come to a growth stand still, pots are 3 litres so still should have plenty of room for roots before I transfer to 15 litre pots. I have followed General Hydroponics Nut charts but still a little stunted growth. This is the 2 * 300 Platinum Led though and since I switched Tent 1 did so well I am worried they are under powered in there. I also have some drooping of leaves and slight yellow which could be Nitrogen Deficiency, Under / Over watering or Fungi Nat Lava (I am spraying today with Neem Oil, for prevention and possible cure.

Yesterday I also installed an air in take due to humidity being 70-75% and also necessary for flowering stage.

Water is PH6 - 6.5, Im spraying as much as possible directly to soil and not on leaves due to being worried about burn, LED are high but not too high.

A little stuck on why some yellowing and drooping..... Any in put greatly appreciated.. droopers and yellow leaves below :(

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-29 at 06.43.10(1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-29 at 06.43.11(1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-29 at 06.43.11(2).jpeg


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    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-29 at 06.43.10(2).jpeg
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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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