Bubba Kush - Pre '98 & Katsu Cut S1 w/ Tora Bora & Master Kush - Mineralized Soil

Dr. Greenthumb - Bubba Kush (Katsu cut) S1, chop day! :)


Looks better trimmed up:


Verdant Green - Pre '98 Bubba Kush S1, chop day! :)


Looks better trimmed up too:


These look so similar it's hard to tell them apart (even though I can), so I'm sold. I've got 2 more to go and then I'll wrap this one up. The yield on 2 similar sized plants puts the Katsu higher than the Pre '98.

amazing! left until all pistil growth just stopped. this is how it's done folks. flushed properly too to bring out those colors and kill the harshness.
Well I am sorry but I have to disagree with you on that. If the soil is mineralized well enough there won't be any deficiencies Plus no reason to flush.
I'm pretty sure as far as color goes, genetics plays a key role in this particular strain. According to the ad, most of Dr. Greenthumb's Katsu cut Bubba Kush phenos exhibit the purple trait. My night temps don't go below 65 degrees F; I don't know if that's cool enough to cause color changes. My experimentation with mineralized/super soils is leaving a lot of my plants slightly nute deficient towards the end so that probably makes a difference too. I never got decent colors until I started using organic nutes, so that plays into it.
Notes: The last Bubba Kush (Katsu cut) was put into the dark today. I'll chop it in a few days. The only one left going is the Pre '98 clone, still with white hairs on top. I'll be jarring up the Master Kush in a few days. I've smoked a bit of it and it's good pot. Not great pot though; I find myself smoking much of it and will continue to do so until it is gone as it's not suitable mother plant material. As I was harvesting I noticed how much it looked like it had great yield potential but I didn't grow it right. Yep smokee smokee no get workie done-ee!


Nirvana Seeds - Master Kush, First plant (after I smoked the friggin' doodoo out of it):


Nirvana Seeds - Master Kush, Second plant (I smoked a few doobs out of it so far):


I jarred these up today. I got about 2/3 of a quart jar from the first and almost filled a quart jar with the second. It's gonna go quick so I guess that's not too good of a review to give. It's okay but nothing to keep.

This Bubba Kush (Katsu) is getting chopped tomorrow morning:


And that will leave the final Pre '98 clone. I'm going to try to reveg both these last plants. I got my colloidal silver and when I get clones or a reveg going I'm gonna start that project.

she looks great. letting the soil run out of nutes like that really speeds up the curing process :thumb:
I've only got about 1-1/2 oz. of Master Kush, enough kief for a doob, enough trim to make a small bottle of tincture, and about 5 doses of already made tincture between me and those four skimpy Bubbas, so it doesn't stand a chance of seeing a full cure anyway. Not the way I burn..... :)
Man I just looked up that Master kush on Nirvana and it only shows 400gr.-500gr. M2 in sog
Those plants are great!
Man I just looked up that Master kush on Nirvana and it only shows 400gr.-500gr. M2 in sog
Those plants are great!

my master kush produced monster buds and grew stount n strong like a kush, but also all over the place like a skunk. it was a tank of a plant
As I was chopping those Master Kush plants up, I noticed how many budsites there were. I should have gotten 2-3 times as much from it. :)

The Katsu and Pre '98 plants I topped later were the first to get the chop. I thought they were a bit early. This morning they went into the jar. I smoked a Katsu cut joint by myself and I'm quite stoned, but I burnt 2 Master Kush doobs just before that by myself too. I'll wait until tomorrow morning when I have a fresh start to give my opinion after I burn a fattie. Here's a few nugs of the Katsu:


Here's a few of the Pre '98:


There ain't enough weed off these to last a week so I better smoke other $hit so I don't burn it all up. I've got the final 2 Bubbas to jar up, though..... :)

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