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Bubba Kush - Pre '98 & Katsu Cut S1 w/ Tora Bora & Master Kush - Mineralized Soil


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Thanks again, KJC and everyone else too.
Well I jarred up the 4 headed Bubba Kush Katsu cut this morning. I smoked a joint of it afterwards, and before I was halfway through smoking it I already realized it was gonna toss Tangerine Dream off the list as my #1 favorite smoke since I started this almost 3 years ago. I just got done smoking a doob of the frilly $hit on the very bottom of the plant off the last Pre '98 clone I will be jarring up tomorrow (picture dried pieces no bigger than 1/2 a raisin) :) I got a really good buzz off it as well, so the Katsu cut may not hold the top spot for long.
Yeah I can't argue with anything I've read on Bubba Kush. The taste reminds me of the smell of paste when I was a kid, and it also reminds me of why I ate paste as a kid damn the taste is pleasant (of the weed..... well, of paste too I admit it) :tokin:
Again, the buzz is better than anything I've grown yet. Post final pics when I fill the last jar.



Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Verdant Green - Pre '98 Bubba Kush S1 (last one in this grow to get jarred up):


Dr. Greenthumb - Bubba Kush (Katsu cut) S1 (other last one in this grow to get jarred up):


Last and yes, least (not that it's bad) Nirvana Seeds - Master Kush:


Summary: Here's how I thought the mineralized soil thing worked (and most of the reason I messed up this grow).
You mix stuff like rock phosphate, epsom salts, and calcium chloride into dirt. Because water runs over it being everywhere in the dirt, it erodes from the gravity pulling it over the chunks of stuff :) The water running over the chunks of stuff turned the chunks into mud like when you mix dirt and water then your soil is mineralized and because it's wet from the water and not dry chunks anymore the roots can suck it up now and use it for food :)

Jeez..... :(

I'll do better next time, :peace:

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us, Pot Chimp.
Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too! :cheer:

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