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Bubba OG fan leaves yellowing off..


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Hi everyone!
6 weeks into flowering and I have some fan leaves going yellow/purple.
I'm using FoxFarm Big Bloom + Tiger Bloom + Unsulfured Molasses + Atami Bloombastic.
I've considered that maybe Nitrogen deficiency, since I stopped using FoxFarm Grow Big, and the flowering nutes don't have a lot of Nitrogen.
I'm supposed to start flushing/leeching these 2 weeks, so i don't want to add more nutes..


The Buds look awesome still, just wondering what's going on here!



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Are these from seeds?

Just curious cause i have a cut.

Yours look real nice though good job.:bravo:
This is from seed, I acquired this plant as a teen. I heard Bubba OG had not been stabilized, and I was skeptical, however the friend that I got her from begs to differ. I am curious to try this medicine and see what's really going on here!
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