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Bubble Bucket DWC Connoisseur Nutes Test Grow


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Okay, so let me start off by giving you a little background information. This is only my second grow using hydroponics and I am still trying to figure out which system I like the best and is the most advantageous for growing marijuana in my particular situation. I am growing using a perpetual system. I have 1 flower room and 1 veg room. I recently got my medical marijuana card and now can legally grow my own medicine. Problem is I had a lot of experience with smoking the plant, but very little experience growing the plant. I have completed my first grow which was very beneficial for me. Learned a LOT. Also found out how much i DID NOT KNOW. I did a lot of reading, researching and spent a lot of money buying lights, ballasts, nutes, soil, the list goes on and on. I learned a lot during that first grow. I am by no means an expert but I was surprised how well my plants came out considering I had never grown before. Once I started growing MJ I realized how much I was enjoying myself and it has since become a hobby for me. My first grow using hydroponics is still ongoing I have a GH Waterfarm with a Purple Urkle clone going under a 1000 watt Sun Master MH vegging for 3 weeks using FF Grow Big Nutes and AN Sensizym. Water I am using is drawn from a well and needs little if no PH adjustment. URKLE plant is HUGE and doing extremely well. Like a small bush even with no LSTing or supercropping this strain grows like a palm tree naturally. Whoever bred this strain, my hats off to you. I had gotten two clones at the exact same time of Urkle, put 1 in the waterfarm and planted 1 in a 3 gallon pot with FFOF soil. The plant grown hydroponically is nearly double the size of the plant grown in soil. This was not really a scientific experiment but it did give me the idea that I could increase yield as well as quality by growing hydroponically. I am sick and tired of cleaning up soil spills, dirty water spills, watering, over watering, under watering. The list goes on. Hydroponics has its own set of challenges but I like it a lot more than dealing with soil. Soil belongs outside! So to make a very long story less long I went to the grow shop and purchased a 5 gallon black bucket with a netpod lid, air pump an airstone and 10 feet of tubing. I already had some hydroton. Next I went to the local MMJ collective and got a clone with the strain labeled as "CARNIVAL". Never heard of this strain but it appears to be some kind of Indica dominant. I am going to try my hand at a DWC grow and if all goes well I will be switching over from soil to hydro 100% I am growing several other strains in soil at the moment in my veg room under T5s and CFLs making mother plants. The strains I am growing are mostly Indica dominants including White Romulan, Purple Urkle, Trainwreck x Purple Monkey Balls, Hash Plant, Papaya, Headband x shishkaberry, Lemon Diesel, and Pitbull. Up to this point I have always grown in soil but now I have this bubble bucket to use as a test case. If everything goes well I plan on switching over entirely to hydroponics and getting a Ebb n Grow bucket system or something similar. I like the bucket systems better than trays...just personal opinion I guess. For nutes I am using AN CONNOISSEUR part A and B. The guy at the grow store says he uses it with his own plants and has seen good results. The Foxfarm nutes I have been using in my GH Waterfarm were doing a great job but I want to use nutes specifically tailored to growing cannabis. I am surprised over all how well things are going. My question is regarding the bubble bucket and the Connoisseur nutes. In a 5 gallon bucket with netpot lid how many gallons of Nutes should I mix up? The guy at the grow shop told me to keep the bottom 3 or 4 inches of the netpot submersed in nutes until secondary roots develop and then lower the nutrient level. Makes sense to me. If all goes well with these bubble buckets I will be buying 5 more or possibly a circulating bucket system and will make a grow journal with pics once I get the hang of growing with this thing. I am also hoping the Connoisseur nutrients I got work well because they were very pricey. 1 Liter was 37.00 dollars and it is a 2 part solution. The 1 gallon containers are 100.00 a piece. Next week I start flowering. Wish me luck! Also, if anyone has any experience with using Bubblebuckets and or the Connoisseur nute program please feel free to post any useful information. Happy Halloween!


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The Bubble Bucket CARNIVAL clone I got going is coming along nicely. Just changed the reservoir tonight and cleansed the inside of the bucket with hydrogen peroxide and hot water and scrubbed it with a brush. Took sample run off and tested it. Then put in Part A and Part B of the nutes, tested the PH of that, put the plant back in and all is well. One thing I would recommend is if you build one of these DWC Bubblebuckets put a aquarium inline check valve on your airline going into the reservoir because water can get into your pump if it is below the waterline of your res and the power goes out. So to avoid damaging your pump and possibly flooding your grow room get some inline check valves for aquariums. They sell them at any aquarium shop or if you have to go to Wal Mart you can get them in the pet section.


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hey glad to see the bubble buckets are working out for you. youll love connoisseur also i would say pick up big bud and over drive they work wonders. ive been using advanced in hydro for a while now and now that they changed up a lot of everything its even better.


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I hope so Trunk5. Sorry about that first post. Information overload I know. The root growth has been explosive on my DWC. The plant is a little smaller than some of the other plants I have vegging under the 4 x T5 but I don't have another clone of the same strain to compare it to. Also these plants have only been vegging for 7 days but are right on track. I add a few ml of sensizym and the PH does not have time to rise before I change the res every 7-10 days. If it does, well I have PH Up and down but haven't needed to use it. A lazy mans setup to be sure.


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