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Bubble hash at home, to freeze or not to freeze?

Should you freeze or refrigerate before making bubble hash from fresh material?

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  • Stick it in the fridge

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Hey everyone,

I've recently got myself a rosin press, made my first batch of fresh frozen bubble hash then pressed into live rosin. It turned out so damn flavorful that I am hooked.

For the first run I immediately froze all the trim and buds from the last harvest, it sat in my deep freeze for about 24 hours before I washed it.

I was recently listening to the Grow Dude podcast and learned that freezing in a home freezer (As opposed to flash freezing done in commercial operations) will allow large ice crystals to form inside your material, rupturing cell walls and ultimately creating a lower quality end product. He instead recommends just refrigerating your material at harvest and washing as soon as possible.

Would love to hear thoughts on this, I'm now torn on whether I should freeze or just refrigerate.
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Everything he's saying is true. That's literally why freeze drying exists. (obviously not for drying or preserving weed, but other stuff with a high water content). I would do another batch with refrigerated product and take note of yield vs quality and make your own decision based on that.
Well to be more accurate, I'd say this is why flash freezers exist :p. Where as a freeze dryer would be great benefit drying the bubble hash using sublimation, allowing your water to transition from a liquid to a gas at cold temps without entering a solid form. While I guess you could argue that the purpose of freeze dryers is to avoid ice crystals as-well.

I wish I had more of the same material to run a comparison. Most likely I'll end up splitting my next harvest to see which method works best for me, but I'm hoping someone may have already been down this road.


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This is why I preach about keeping everything cold. If you keep the ice crystals from melting during the wash it doesn't matter.

If you use dried and then frozen trim it also doesn't matter. I prefer dry trimmed buds so all my trim is dry anyways.

When using fresh trim, frozen or chilled you get reduced yields but a typically more aromatic and lighter coloured end product.

It really is all about what your after and what works best for each grower.
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