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Strain Name: Bubbleberry

From: Trinity Gardens Collective

When: Nov 2009

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid

Price: $40/8th, $80/qtr., $150/half, $300/oz.

Looks: Medium green color. Tight “popcorn” buds, with slight tints of purple/blue.

Smell: Sweet fruity smell – reminded me of a berry Bubble Yum gum.

Taste: The smoke is medium berry flavor, with the sweet taste lingering on you tongue after exhaling.

Buzz Type: A mild head buzz, that left me slightly spacey, but not overpowering.

Buzz Length: Medium – lasted a good 1-1.5 hours, with a sharp let down.

Best Medicinal Use: Appetite enhancement and mood improvement.

Overall: Given my preference to the sweeter strains, I decided to give Bubbleberry a try. While not the strongest buzz, it was not bad, especially considering it was an outdoor grow (I think the indoor grows tend to be a little better, in general). Definitely demonstrated the lineage with the smell and flavor - just not the strongest buzz, then again that’s kind of nice sometimes.


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I gotta tell. Its a big difference smoking indoor grown blueberry :smokin2:. Its way more potent and the taste is amazing!!! :yummy:

That looks really good for a outdoor grow tho :welldone:!!
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