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Bubblegum 125W - CFL - DWC - First Grow


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First grow in this system ..... I'm using emerald harvest nutrients... Growing in a 7.5 gallon reservoir... With a 125w actual in a closet that is about 1'x4' and about 7' tall .... Feel free to drop me some pointers!!

so i received a Bubblegum clone about 5 days ago from a friend with 2 tops present and have since them transplanted it into my DWC reservoir .... i then fed it half nutrients .... bout a day after i started training .... i super cropped the top and gave the surrounding nodes a chance to catch up ..... after about 24 hours two more tops popped up ..... i then started a bit of LST and tied down the tallest top to make a more even plain for the light ..... once again the surrounding tops caught up to the tallest one .... and more tops popped up.... so i ted the other side of the plant down and whala two more tops ..... so now here we are 5 days in and we now have 6 tops rocking .... a couple more days and the two newest ones should be catching up to the rest and then i can move my light up to continue veg....


i will post more next week........


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Whats up Torch? Welcome to DWC. Its my favorite. Looks like you are off to a good start. I will be waiting for your next update. If any questions pop up I'll do my best to help out or get you pointed to someone/somewhere that can.
Good luck and good growing...

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so as of Thursday we are at full nutrients and on official week 1 of veg .... she is starting to get pretty bushy i have continued lst for the last week and now have about 16 tops or so all growing on an even plane .... so now im going to untie them for the first two weeks of veg and give them a chance to get big and bushy and then tie it back down once needed as we go ... she has drank about a gallon of water in the past week ... and has almost doubled in size ....










i will post more next week..... any and all advice or pointers are greatly appreciated....


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so as of Thursday we are officially into week two of veg .... the old gal continues to get bigger and bushier.... i noticed the yellowing and found a bunch of little brown dots...figured out it was a cal-mag deficiency.... i went and got some of emerald harvests cal-mag to get that sorted out ...... i also picked up some orcha to keep my roots happy .... at this point i am at full nutrients according to EH feeding chart ....i also picked up another 125w bigbulb cfl ... so now im at 250w actual i hung the second one vertically in the corner .... i also have a 26w 100w equivalent cfl hanging vertically as well ... i also built a scrog net and started scrogging the old gal ....i have 55 holes in my net hopefully i can fill each one with a kola ..... once the net is about 75% full i will switch her over into flowering ....









i will post more next week !!


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@Pat999 hey man thanks alot.... yeah i checked on her this morning and all the new growth is nice n green ..... she should be on the road to success.... hopefully we wont have anymore issues from here out... if she continues to grow at the same rate i should be able to put her into flowering in a couple weeks.... thanks for looking!!


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hey quick question for everyone .... when would be the best time to take a couple clones off her .... id like to go ahead and get 2 clones in veg that way after this ol gal is done i have two more ready for flower .... and so on and so on ....i would eventually like to keep a cycle of two in veg and two in flower ... lemme know thanks guys !!


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hey everyone im having some temp issues my grow room is staying around 90 and i cant seem to get it to go down .... would a 4" inline duct fan at the top of the closet be enough to pull all the hot air out ?


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So here we are 8 weeks later I will be doing some defoliation tonight and we are putting her into flower tomorrow ..... I moved her into the 2x2 flower tent and lights go off tomorrow at at 8am.... I will update with bud porn in the next few weeks!!


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Whassup Torch420?:Namaste:
Took a while to find your grow but I'm glad I did.
I like your style and I like your plant.
You got her looking swell!

Don't be afraid to trim a little of those huge fans.
The pics of the trunk made me smile. :circle-of-love:
Reminds me a bit of my last run with this strain.

Do take some clones.
Take at least 6 if you are able.
Then keep the best and cull the rest.:rip:

Sounds cruel but if u gonna go perpetual it becomes a hunger games kind of thing. (Shout out to Shiggity Flip.)
Bubblegum eh? Which breeder? :30:
I am a lover of the TH seeds gear.

This strain yields solid sticky sweet smelling buds that when cured properly taste and smell like its name.:yahoo:
IMO If yields are important to you, keep her around.
Week 5

Subbed my dude. :popcorn:


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Hey guys thanks for all the love...here we are week 1 of flower .... She's loving the T5 ... Staying perky and poppin them pistols ... More to come soon!






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So about a month ago I took 25 cuttings and attempted cloning for the first time in my life ... Needless to say I don't think I was completely successful.... All of my clones have this crazy root ball thing going on instead of actual roots pooping out of the rock wool .... My conclusion on this is that I kept the rockwool too moist and therefore the roots didn't need to go anywhere .... Most of the clones that I took have shown new growth and seem to be surviving.... So instead of trashing all my mishap cutting I have decided to conduct a bit of an experiment... I removed the cuttings very carefully from the rockwool cubes and put them in hempy 2 liters to see if I can get the "rootball" to pop roots .... I will be feeding them ph water for a few days to see if they survive the "transplant" and then start feeding light nutes along with some orca ... Hopefully the added aeration of the hempy pots will promote root growth.... We will see I suppose.... Figured I'd share



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