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Buckets Of Pot Mailed To Upscale Store


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A special package was delivered to a South Street jeans store Saturday that nobody's claiming. It was a five-gallon bucket filled with marijuana... and that's just part of the story.

It was a regular Saturday morning at Fusion, a high-end jeans boutique on South Street. And then... "We get a delivery from Fed Ex. Overnight package."

Gene Goldsmith, told Action News, "We were actually delivering furniture. I helped them open the package and to our surprised it was filled with marijuana."

Store employees snapped photos of a 5 gallon orange bucket inside a box, and the marijuana - a lot of marijuana.

"It didn't smell but as soon as you open the bucket. The smell just hit you."

"We were shocked. Everybody had puzzled faces. We were like, oh my God. It was amazing. It was a shock. Right away I was like, I gotta call the cops," said the store's owner Dan Kogan.

Philadelphia Police came and took the marijuana away. End of story. Right? Wrong. One hour later, another package arrived! Another 5-gallon bucket was inside.

"We were starting to get some work done and all of a sudden DHL comes in with a package. Right away we were like, no way."

Both packages came from California and were addressed to the store. Attention to a manager, no name. Following police advice, store employees didn't open the second package. Now the narcotics division is trying to figure out where the drugs came from and who was supposed to pick up all this pot which police valued at about 80 thousand dollars.

One police officer told us he has heard of such narcotics deliveries before - overnight with a Saturday arrival. He said it happened once at the UPS store up the street, but the folks at Fusion told Action News they can't think of any reason drugs would be delivered to them.

Source: 6ABC.COM WPVI-TV (Philadelphia)
Author: Sarah Bloomquist
Copyright: 2007 by Action News and 6abc
Website: http://abclocal.go.com/


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Wow..... Just wow. Lmao.

Talk about a suprise! It would have been cooler if the news article went something like:

"So the store owner jumped on the speaker, and said "EVERYBODY LOCK THE DOORS! IT'S PARTTTTTTYYYY TIME!"



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how come all the people who get cool pot deals are squares? or is that just the ones you hear about...TRUE STORY: my grandfather purchased 5 random item boxes at a storage container auction. 3 of them had 1 pound of marijuana. He dumped it down a drainage sewer. 3 pounds for purchasing 5, $2 boxes. WTF? I could have found a decent home for it...HAHA my lungs!


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maybe i should cure my problems of no smoke, by having my friends mail me some:smoke2: ok any volunteers??? j/k
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