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Bud is coming out my ears!


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:4::36:My second harvest was a huge success! (Thanks in part to 420) Only now I have all this beautiful bud that needs to be stored until my patients can use all of this gorgeous product! So far it has been dried and cured to perfection, filling several large zip-lock bags."no brag just fact" I've been through the glass & storage thing, but what to do w/ very large quantity is a problem I didn't plan for! Can I freeze the stuff or just refrigerate it? If I use a vacuum pack, it will crush the buds-Please advise!!


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Re: Bud is coming out my ear's!

Buds in the fridge can go moldy.
Buds in the freezer are good if dry.
Buds in tins buried in the backyard are pirate treasure!

If you are using your marijuana as medicine, you may choose the freezer, as it will delay the THC changing into other cannabinoids. If you want to stop body pain, then aged pot is good. But if you want an up THC high effect, you want fresh buds.
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