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Bud Mold


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Just had my first attack of bud mold. The breeder had warned me that some plants were susceptible to bud mold. So I knew to watch for it.
While my case may be different then others. I figured I would share my experience. The only signs I had was 2 small yellow leaf fingers. This was what I was told to watch for so it was not brilliant thinking on my part. I'm flushing now so there are lots of yellow leaves but these were different. This yellow showed only 1 yellow finger on each leaf. These pulled right out at the stalk. Only 2 but it would have been easy to miss if I wasn't monitoring them.
After a search for more mold ended. I took the offending buds off below the mold and trimmed them down and cleaned up all the mold I could find. Not much because it was caught early. Inside the buds I found little mold but the trichomes were already starting to turn amber. A few even brown. While the rest of the bud is still a week or so immature it is not a total loss. Another few days and all the trichomes would have been ruined.
So this is a reminder. Keep a good eye on your plants daily. Especially when they are getting close to finish. Not only is it fun but it helps keeps your girls healthy.
Good life and good growing
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