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Bud rot help


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here's a bit of background info before my actual question... I have bud rot which I think has been bought in from a pumpkin patch outside which has botrytis on some of the pumpkins. Day 56 of a 63-70 day strain. Iv cut out what I can and hoping I can salvage the rest by flushing and chopping down early.
Anyway my main concern is I have another room set up in a different house which I visit regularly so there is a chance iv spread the spores. It is currently in 5th week of flower. Should I spray with something like bud rot stop or simular. I have found some that say you can use during flower but really don't want to spoil flavour and aroma etc...?
Has anybody any experience with fungicide products?

Should probably add I'm having atleast 3 showers a day and changing my clothes to try help cut down any cross contamination of spores.

Absolute nightmare. I could cry haha.

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Oh no. Stop doing that to yourself.

Spores are everywhere. And you can't really control that in the typical home grow. Just keep your rh in a good place and have lots of circulation from fans. Boytris only takes hold if the conditions are right.
Clean and steralize all tools. Full remove any petioles if removing leaves from the plant. Keep plant density down and rh below 50%. Lots of circulation like I mentioned before.


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had the room set up for coming upto 3 years now, only difference is the pumpkins outside. Temps 27 max 22 min and rh 65 max for a short time after water and min 35, average rh is never above 45. What makes it so frustrating is its prob one of the best grows iv done so far. Big dense colas and absolutely caked in trichomes which ironically hasnt probably helped.

So you think my other tent will be fine or is it worth a spray as a precautionary measure?


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As VG said, fungal spores are everywhere, same as bacteria. Sort of like you can’t expect food to stay fresh way longer just because you sterilized your fridge- it doesn’t work that way. There will always be some invisible bacteria/fungi there to exploit the situation. The effective approach is try to change the conditions.
As you mentioned -big dense colas... prime target.
Increased air flow is the most effective fix, second to lowering humidity. Good luck
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