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Bud rot? picture shows inside is dead


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I saw some odd dead leaves on a bud, the plant is about 2-4 weeks from done. It was worse inside, looks like this is the only affected bud on the plant. I'm thinking the BT I apply 2 hours before sunset could be the cause. Any member input/suggestions for BT use would be GREATLY appreciated! :thanks:



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Here's the answer from a member that should get next months' Member of the Month crown. I wish I could answer a question with over 200 "Words of Wisdom". I gotta work on my 2 sentence answers from now on. Thanks again to RelaxedLester!! :adore::adore::adore:
" Yes this is botrytis bud rot. Well, as you know being on the ocean is a tough place to be in high humidity and dense buds. That is why I never spray any kind of liquid on my buds, not even BT, only granular dry dust now. I've found too much of this same exact mold, not only in my buds but on my stems. I think you know that you will promote mold when you spray a product on your plants, and at sunset, not gonna help with dense buds on t here. I used to mist my plants in veg, but once I started seeing bud rot I realized being so close to the ocean that spraying the plants was not possible.

My main goal other than avoiding worms has been to avoid mold however possible. No Spraying! Cut out the infested parts and make sure you check your colas by tugging on the fan leaves (uppermost downward), if its infected it'll slide right out, sometimes a perfectly good looking bud from the outside can be infected.

Hope you can get a handle on it, no more spraying liquid onto the plants " UNQUOTE

can't thank him/RL enough (yet):thumb::thumb::thumb:
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