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Bud smells like an old wet towel - Help?


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I am growing Jilly bean and think I may have an issue.
5 weeks into flower 12 plants
6x6 rockwool in 5x5 tray 28 gallon res 2 air stones in res
using flora nova nutes at 1000 ppm ec is 2.0
temps max at 82f low 70f humidity max 39% low 30%
12 in. osc fan on 24/7 and 400cfm fan on 24/7 ( was off 1 hour on 1 hour at dark time until 2 days ago)
1200 watt led on 11.5 off 12.5
a couple days ago i was trying to look at the buds with a small microscope, and noticed a kind of mildew smell. I didnt see anything funny with the microscope, but it sucks. I have a new one on the way to get a better look. I smelled other buds in the tray, on that plant and others. Only this one bud smells weird. Its the biggest bud on the biggest plant. I put exhaust intake fan on 24/7 and bumped osc fan to level 2 and aimed it more into canopy and below rather than very top of canopy.
I did alot of reading and figured it could only be budrot. but my temps and humidity don't really add up to that. If anyone has any other idea of what it could be or what I should do please chime in. This is my first grow and don't want it to go to shit at the end of the grow. If i can verify budrot i need to trim right? Thanks for looking and any help.

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Re: Bud smells like an old wet towel. Help?

For your humidity measurements, where is your meter located in the room?
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