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Bud time

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On the seed info for my autos, it says bud time 70 days. I am now at close to 100 days. Does bud time mean start of budding? If so, about how long until the trichs are ready? I check them almost every day with a 60-100x loupe and they still look clear. Where exactly do I look at the trichs? I read you look at the bud & not the surrounding leaves. What part of the bud do I check.
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Stoney weed, wouldn't that be better for pain management?
How can I be sure they are ready? The leaves on the one are starting to yellow, I'd hate to go this long and pull them out too early. I read on another post that the times estimated by the seed company's are usually exaggerated by a few weeks.
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I guess I can only hope for the best. I've been waiting for the trichs to turn amber for the past couple weeks, they seem clear with only a few cloudy. Now one of them is starting to get yellow leaves. I will post pics on Sunday when I get home and wait for a reply before I pull them. One is a Blue Mammoth the other is a Purple Mazar
snip a bud, put it on top of your ballast for a few hours, then pop it into an air tight jar for a couple more and try it out; it won't be great, but you'll certainly know if it's ready or not :Namaste: