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bud washing?

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Hey 420!
I have a journal going, but recently ran into a mildew problem on some plants I had outside that moved inside. I have been spraying then with baking soda water and olive oil to stop it and it's been working
however, I'm concerned with any leftover mildew spores that I can't see. . I have heard of "bud washing" by dipping the buds in hydrogen peroxide to clean them but I am very skeptical with this method. . Are there any true ways to smoke it safely?


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Re: bud washing??

Look into Doc Bud's washing method. It's one bucket with baking soda & lemon juice, one bucket with pure hot water, and one bucket with cold water.
Re: bud washing??

There are a few bud washing answers on this site already, please us the search function on the top of the page.

Thanks and good luck.
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Budwashing video made by our member Icemud:
i LITTERALLY just watched this lol, i was very skeptical about doing this, but seeing it live makes me much more confident.
I also watched Jorge Cervantes on youtube do this with H2o2 and water, i will definitely do this for our plants that have the mildew issue. Thanks all!! :thanks:


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I am actually comparing two samples of Trainwreck now, one washed and the other one not, and the washed one lost all the smell overnight, so I won't be washing my budz anymore.
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I am more worried about the mold or mildew issue. I would personaly not care if there was no smell if this kills the mold. I won't do it to all of our plants since we have two separate grow areas, just the ones we have the mildew on. Thanks for the heads up though
Hey mate, I'm a bud washer and was concerted by the "doc" check this thread on bud washing
Your gonna need to do the 4 bucket method with a lil added h202 if you have had mild.
I don't smoke unwashed buds anymore and if I buy of locals I water cure.
Just check the thread, everybody who has tried it will never go back!
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Thanks hidden.
I have actually read up on your post the day I made this thread, but I wanted to see if there were other ways to do so. I will for sure be using a few buckets when I wash. I'll take hydrogen peroxide (h202) in hot water and let them sit for 30-60 seconds then give them a good wash off and dry them good!
We should be harvesting two of our conspiracy kush plants as they are getting worse even though they are still a few weeks early. All our others in that room will also get a bath once we flush them out. I will post pics here and on my journal when the time comes. Thanks for your help!
Little advice from my experience... Buds dry faster after a bud wash...I don't know why and I don't get it but they do!
So be ready for them to dry a day or two early, this time around I will be taking measures to slow down the drying period as I didn't like the fact that my buds dried faster....the weed however was amazing afterwards and I'm so happy to find another bud washing convert.

Look at your carbon filter dust protector guys! If its as clean as it was when you started...have no fears, however../if its as dusty as most peoples after a grow then think about what's those sticky sticky bugs picked up during their time growing.