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There are a couple of strains that tend to produce odd-looking leaves. But that looks like it's revegging. Perhaps the number of dark hours were sufficient to cause it to begin flowering initially but the day length is still increasing (unless you live in the southern hemisphere), causing the plant to (slowly) return to the vegetative phase.

This can happen even if the number of hours of darkness was "iffy," if it's significantly more than the plant was experiencing before.
I took the very bottom branch , the one's that comes out at the first little round leaves from when the seed pops , and cloned it . and I got the same frigged up looking plant . the smoke is just as good as clones from the top of the plant . maybe that's why nobody ever clones that first set of branches. Enjoy the smoke..........Steve

Could someone please tell me how long I have left roughly please, first grow so I'm quite excited. Could I please also get a professional opinion from someone to tell me how they are good or bad?

It's Pineapple Express.
Hello fellow growers. Greetings from mid-east Europe.

First Grower here and i got few questions
1. Can somebody tell me what kind of strains are these plants?
When i bought the seeds, seller sold me 1x Critical Jack, 2x AK47, 2x Skunk, but unfortunatelly i didn't keep the record which one is which. 2 of them died and i ended up with 2 plants that are the same, and one different. The Plant that you see first is huge and beautiful, she was growing very healthy, unlike the other 2 that were sort of behind...

2. Does the 2 plants started to flower?
I'm aware that they are running late. It's 10 august and considering you have to let them 60 days in flowering stage i may end up screwed by the weather. Cause as we all know in September - October it's kind of a cold temperature overall.

Note: First 3 pics are from the different plant, the rest are from the other 2 that are the same strain
I planted them on 23'rd march in small pots with a LED bulb, then moved them in late may outdoors. where they started to grow slowly. All the plants are feminized btw.
I didn't follow any pH rule, and never gave them 'growing boost' (tea. other nutrients) only water and the outdoor sun.


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Hi guys.
Can anyone tell me if its true that u can use a green light in budding tent if u need to do work in tent while lights off. Got green bulbs in grow room.
I heard this before but not sure if true.


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Wise move. Lights out is totally dark for us. No need to peek, we know what goes on in the cab lol


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Any advice when this will be ready to harvest ?

Many thanks[/QUOTE]

It is hard to tell without more information. What type, Auto or regular, how long in flower?

As has been said before you need to invest in an inexpensive Loupe and look at the trich's. If they are clear they are immature. When they start becoming cloudy you are getting close.

Check the pix on this link - Great pix -
First Grow - Outdoor Autoflower Blueberry & AK-47 In Pots With Dr. Earth Soil