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Budding in grow phase - Can it be reversed?


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Long story short: These Super Lemon Haze mother plants (from which I've taken numerous clones) have slowly been forming flowers all along the main stems, for about the past 2 months, so the latest-greatest clones have flowers too. They've been under this 7000k 400W metal halide for 19 hours per day - yes I know 18 hours is generally recommended, but I like 19. Beyond that, environmental conditions are pretty nice, there's nothing unusual or "stressful". My buddy who's been growing for 20 years can't explain it, but recommends moving them to the Budding room asap.

Has anyone seen this before, is it a problem? Will the clones (with flowers) revert back to a normal vegetative phase? The actual age of the plant is probably 3 - 4 years, that's how long it's been getting cloned. Maybe it's just reached the end of the road.

Thoughts and recommendations please! Thanks.



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The light has been constant - 19 hours on. I think the power went out once about a month ago, for about 24 hours. That's about it.


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When I used to keep mother plants I would only take two cloning cycles off of them and then send them to the flower room and use one of their clones as a new mother plant. I would put some of her clones on 24 hours once they root to see if you can get them to go full veg again.
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